Want followers? Then Here’s a Life Lesson for You: Learn How to Fucking Write.
Pete Ross

Do the generations coming up care much? Do they read? Do they write anything? Literacy isn’t inevitable. If the thumbs are the only digits on the little keyboard and all the words truncated how will any Raymond Chandlers or Georges Simenons come about? Hear all the voices out there saying….”Who are those guys?” Ann Rand too, ever heard of her?

Imagine all the readers of this who have not heard of these authors and also don’t fucking care. Those writers were good but only in the context of their time. That era is ending. The bad seems to flush out the good. Crap redefined as gold. Lets be sure to preserve the legacy of good writing. The pendulum is bound to swing back in a couple of hundred years. A few generations down stream reading and writing well will again become a badge of the avaunt and youthful rebellion.

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