Quiz: Mars or Earth?
Ethan Siegel

Mars is highly over rated. It got that way thru fantasy and fiction. Reality is too tough for many people so they elect to follow someone else’s unreal story. Better to invest the space budget looking around the system. We need a catalog of resources before we can make any serious plan. The funds are limited and the sooner we get returns from the investment the better. Mars is another gravity well. Why do you need to live on the edge of a gravity well? Why do that especially when there are only limited resources on the red planet? As with the selection of leaders it is dangerous to totally suspend disbelief. If you choose to leave Earth because you’ve got the DT’s bad (yes I feel your pain) then go to the Asteroids. “True fact, believe me, this is real….there are big chunks of gold floating out there”. There is your fantasy, so get going. Use the M-Drive for the trip. Lets make the solar system great again!

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