Staying Motivated
Julie Zhuo

Thanks, all good stuff. I just related to my daughter in an email how I was burning the midnight oil for a client (illustration) and the importance of meeting deadline and all the other professional mantra. But this begs the question of me….why don’t I treat myself as well when I am the client and the professional. Why do I give myself so much slack and expect less of myself, like goals and deadlines. I would eat dirt to complete a professional commitment because thats what is demanded. When its me for myself every deadline is mushy and gets ignored. Time to split the personality. Create a demanding boss in my own head next to a complaint worker. God knows I have the models for these from years of experience. Now to get a whip I can flog myself with, not their normal function……put the fear into this lazy bum I share my skull with. I will have casual Friday every day of the week however.

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