We Are Entering the Era of the Brain Machine Interface
Steven Levy

The consultant you’d want to help map out the near future with this brain/mind to web connection would be the late Jane Goodall. She studied primates with less technology but who behaved pretty much like us. The butt sniffing, celebrity worship, intense interest in social rank, its all there with those hairy cousins. And what comes by way of new technical means? — the amplification of those drives. A direct connection to billions of minds would let everyone lick fearless leader’s boots and actually taste the shoe polish. Instead of tricking idiots into giving over their email list entrepreneurs will be able to plant memories. Wide eyed consumers would rush to the stores to buy whatever need they’d suddenly “remembered”. Can’t happen? why not? Put the technical means in the hands of marketers and it couldn’t fail to happen. And it will happen, unless our other collective faults end everything first. It isn’t hopeless but it isn’t promising either.

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