Death By A Thousand Cuts: The Russian Story Will Erode Trump’s Legitimacy
Marcus H. Johnson

The question I ask myself lately is should I just turn down the volume on the news/fake news arriving in torrents (not the trade name). Is there a downside to not following this chaotic circus? Is there an opportunity for a totally fake news feed (the Onion comes to mind) that omits any reference to this “real” world.

Is everything in place, including several madmen at the buttons?

Just a Geiger counter to announce the worst — limiting the various media to entertainment. A slow motion train wreck isn’t my sort of entertainment. And anyway — what am I going to do as rational reaction to the “news”? or for that matter to the Geiger counter’s believable news that the background radiation has spiked.

There is something unhealthy and mindless about this checking the headlines every few hours. Or worse, having them pushed at you. Whats the upside, higher adrenaline levels? An informed citizen can take action in a Democracy to influence a positive outcome? is that a reason? “Informed” how does that happen? The gatekeepers may have been biased year ago in what got printed or aired but without them news will be full spectrum crap.

I know too many people who are totally gullible in this “news” environment. They’ve come to prefer fake news. Will things get so bad a Federal program is called for to clean them up. Perhaps a “Ministry of Truth” a la Orwell. Keep the cameras rolling… this dystopian future movie will be fantastic and we’re all in it!