10-second breakdown:

Signing up with a payment processor doesn’t have to be like buying a used car, (you don’t need to feel slimy afterward). Payline is a real feel-good option, not only do they have flexible options and features but regularly donate to charities. Clear pricing and several add-on features and services are available to help you manage your business.

The good:

Payline offers an ultra-simple pricing model. They have only two plans: Simple for businesses under $5000/month and Pro for businesses over $5000/month. Simple has no monthly fee and interchange plus pricing with a $0.15 transaction fee. Pro has a $15 monthly fee, interchange plus pricing and $0.10 transaction fee.

Payline is very charity oriented. Many companies will do one thing, just to say they give back. Payline has several programs they participate in such as employees can donate a minimum of three days per year to volunteer at a local NPO in exchange for paid days off, special NPO pricing plan, reoccurring donations, and grants.

Payline provides its customers with very reliable service and are transparent with their fees and costs. There are no contracts, no termination fees, and no applications fee. Their website is fairly clean and uncluttered with lots of information that can help you make an educated decision.

The bad:

Payline’s add-on services offer flexibility but drive your total cost up significantly. If you want more than just basic processing you might find a better deal elsewhere.

The process is a little confusing on how to set up your options to avoid chargebacks.

How it works:

Working with Payline is a lot like sitting down to have coffee with a friend. Assuming your friend isn’t a desperate salesperson, the conversation should be casual, light and informative. You walk away knowing more and generally feeling good.

Payline makes it clear that they’re people first, a company second from the moment you land on their webpage. It’s open and inviting, it makes you feel at home and gives you a feeling of confidence in the company. Everything from payment fees to company information is easily within reach, and they even run a helpful blog that’s updated quite a few times a month. There aren’t any sales pitches or marketing slants anywhere to be found — browse to your content.

There is substance to the company behind the friendly demeanor. One of their main selling points is that it’s extremely easy to gain flexibility with your payments, allowing your business to expand out to other markets.

For example, if you run a restaurant, maybe you want to launch a food truck to grab all the hipsters eating downtown. You may be surprised to hear that many payment gateways won’t be okay with you using the system for the truck, it’s considered higher risk and in a worst case scenario you might see a rise in fees even for your storefront.

Payline is different, they have platforms for both and you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Plus they have some handy reports you can even break down based on location, so you can see if your pasta is selling as well as you hoped at your new food truck, or compare it to the storefront’s sales.

Although it won’t be handy to all customers, Payline recently built a booking module. If your business needs to make reservations for tables or maybe you want your clients to book out your time as a freelancer, you can do that and take a payment right from the same company.

To demonstrate their commitment to doing the right thing, Payline has one of the most comprehensive giving programs in the industry, dubbed Payline Giving. They give back to charitable causes and the community through volunteer hours, grants and donations to charities across the country and even special pricing for charities that use their service.

Priceline might even be able to help you if you’re a ‘high-risk’ business. While not famous for it, Priceline tends to take on more high-risk businesses than the competitors. Keep in mind though that your pricing will be different than what’s listed on the website and you may be required to sign a contract with different terms.

Getting help from Priceline as a customer couldn’t be easier. They have one of the most extensive self-help knowledge bases in the industry that even includes a section for frequently asked questions. There’s also a forum for community support if you want to see how other businesses are using the system. If you’re feeling more social, both phone and email are available and there are quite a few happy reviewers online praising the support staff as friendly and respectful.

If you’re in a pinch for cash, Payline also does cash advances for businesses who process $8,000 or more a month. It’s a great option to have, but you might want to price shop with your local bank as well.

It’s nitpicking, but the only real weakness Priceline has is they could be a little more upfront with the prices on their add-ons. Although the fees are clear, if you are looking for extra equipment or more services, you might need to give Payline a call to get a clear quote.

Speaking of quotes, Priceline offers three main plans. The first one is simply titled ‘Retail’ and the name tells you what’s in the package. It’s $15 per month and costs 0.2% + 10¢ per transaction on top of interchange.

Next up is ‘Online,’ it’s also $15 per month and will set you back 0.35% + 10¢ per transaction on top of interchange.

Payline’s last offering is ‘Enterprise,’ it’s intended for businesses that do $80,000 worth of transactions a month. There’s no information online though, you’ll have to give them a call to see what they can do for you.

Any additional services are only offered on an as-needed basis, you only pay for what you need. No matter which plan you pick, there’s no application fees, early termination fees, cancellations fees, downgrade fees or 1099K reporting fees.

Payline is a great company to work with, they offer tons of additional options and features you can choose to add to your plan and regularly donate time and a portion of their earning to charities making a difference in the world.

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