Mappers Make the List of Top Growing Careers of 2016!

Yes indeed, well, according to this list anyway… it seems that map makers, cartographers and the like are in big demand as they have made a list of fastest growing careers of 2016.

Geojobs are hot!

This comes from the article…

Oh, mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map — the need for people who gather and interpret geographic information to make maps will bloom by 30 percent by 2024. The much-faster-than-average growth is driven by the need for maps in everything from managing government lands to the ever-growing number of mobile and web-based mapping tools… Cartographers and photogrammetrists make good money: a median annual salary of $60,930 (as of May 2014). And they’re in high demand in some highly desirable areas: Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Washington, D.C.; and Anaheim, California.

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