Some Benefits of Managed Services for Your ArcGIS Enterprise License Hosting

Why consider “managed services”? Well, in simple terminology, think of having all the power of ArcGIS Enterprise in your organization, with none of the hardware hassles that you would typically encounter.

Companies like Esri Business Partner, GEO Jobe have an innovative solution to leverage Amazon EC2 technology to offer their clients full access to the power of ArcGIS Enterprise. The company is in a unique position as an Esri Partner (award-winning partner) and an Amazon Registered Partner. For clients of GEO Jobe’s GEOPowered Cloud Managed Services, GEO Jobe COO, David Hansen (@dhansen601), comments “clients can rest easy knowing that you have access to our experts who are knowledgeable about both stacks.” Sounds pretty valuable, right? There are a number of reasons to consider Managed Services, including:

  • Your ArcGIS Enterprise license is hosted using our GEOPowered Cloud
  • Your organization has all the power of GIS with none of the hassles
  • You maintain complete control over your GIS
  • We set it up; you use it how you want
  • Reduce time and energy spent arguing with your IT department for administrative access to your ArcgisEnterprise or GIS server
  • Access to our trained ArcGIS enterprise experts anytime you have a question
  • Access the best of Esri’s enterprise GIS products with less cost and overhead compared to an on-premises deployment
  • Affordable Shared Hosting and Managed Services
  • A team of experts that have an extremely in-depth understanding of ArcGIS Enterprise and AWS.
  • and more!

Continue reading more about GEO Jobe’s Managed Services to fully unlock the power of ArcGIS Enterprise at a reduced cost for your org

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