Psssst…She’s got RWH!

No, it’s not the latest STD and you can’t get infected by her. Her ‘disease’ is known as Red Wine Headache.

There have been numerous theories about the cause, and just as many potential cures. Common misdiagnoses include sulfites. Sulfites occur naturally in all wine, red or white. Without them wine would turn ugly in a very short time. Some research suggests histamines and taking an antihistamine prior to drinking might prevent RWH. But that should ONLY be done if your doctor doesn’t look at you like a parent giving you the evil eye. Histamines cause inflammation and are also found in fermented foods such as tofu and ketchup. Cheap wine of low quality such as the-Chinese-wine-that-shall-remain-nameless-that-we-all-know could contain excess alcohol and residual sugars. Hint: don’t eat candy or cake with red wine. Then there is the “tannins cause RWH” argument. Do you also get a headache after drinking black or oolong tea?

Probably the best solution is to drink equal amounts of water to wine to limit the potential of RWH. If that doesn’t work and you have to give up red wine, there’s always suicide!

Psssst…that guy she’s with. He’s got RWH too.

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