The Newest Fad Diet

We’ve been waiting for this one! The low-calorie wine diet is trending. But, it’s not about losing weight. It’s about not gaining so much of it. Calories are tricky little fellows. Eat too much food, gain weight. Eat less food, lose weight. Wine calories are a different breed. 3-ounces of 85% lean ground beef contain 213 calories. It also contains about 5-grams of saturated fat. By comparison, 5-ounces of wine contain 123 calories and ZERO grams of fat. The calories in wine come from the alcohol content, which is derived from sugar. Without becoming excessively technical, the lower the ABV (Alcohol By Volume), the lower the calories.

New Zealand winemaker, Brancott Estates, latched on to the low-calorie fad and produced “Flight Song” white wines of low alcohol content. The reduction is about 20%. Is drinking a lighter calorie, lower flavor wine worth saving those 20-ish calories?

As with any diet, the real secret is lower consumption. The French eat very high calorie, high fat meals, and include wine with almost every feast. Yet, they tend to remain slim due to the smaller portions on the plate.

So, eat, drink, and be merry! Enjoy the wine you love, but limit it to one or two glasses per day.

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