Laissez les bon temps rouler!

“Let the Good Times Roll” as they say down here in New Orleans. Happy Mardi Gras. Today is Fat Tuesday, and for a city like New Orleans, it is the end of a 40-day celebration leading up to the Season of Lent. This is a variation to the Carnival celebration held in many other countries around the world as well.

The first New Orleans celebration was held on March 3, 1699. Since then it has continued to grow and expand. In 1872 a group of businessmen created the king of Carnival to preside over the daytime parades. Thus the “King of Rex” was born.

Masks are a common Tradition of Mardi Gras

An unusual tradition is the Mardi Gras Mask. These were first worn to escape the societal norms expected of people and allowed revelers to be and act the way they wanted without fear of repercussion from the societies they were a part of. Today Masks are required by law for all float rides and on Today, Fat Tuesday, everyone in the city is invited and encouraged to wear a mask to add to the celebratory feel everywhere you go.

The parades, throws and all celebrations are funded 100% by what they call Krewes which is what gives Mardi Gras in New Orleans the nickname “The Greatest Free Show on Earth.”

See our blog post of a behind the scenes view of “Mardi Gras World” which is a studio that builds and brings the artistic visions of the Krewes to life in Parade float form.

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