JSON is a fashionable buzzword, indeed.
Alexander Kosenkov

I totally agree! In fact we have had this similar discussion on our github thread a couple of months ago https://github.com/Jasonette/JASONETTE-iOS/issues/5

If you look at the last comment on the thread, I talk about how we may be able to implement adapters on the server side, so as to:

  1. Keep the user-facing markup as easy as possible
  2. While still interfacing with Jasonette with JSON

We could go this way, but it’s super easy to write an extension, so I think that would be another way to tackle this problem. Then it wouldn’t matter what language the user writes the markup in (could be YAML, HJSON, CSON, or whatever) it can be still used in Jasonette. That’s why I chose JSON as the base notation.

For an example of how we already tackle some of these issues, check out how you can parse HTML-to-JSON, RSS-to-JSON, CSV-to-JSON and render them on Jasonette http://docs.jasonette.com/templates/#non-json