How we migrated the main Comic Relief site over a 5 month period from Drupal 8 to a headless CMS and a more modern software stack (aka, JAM stack).

From “serverness” to serverless 🚀

Why move away from Drupal?👋

Initially, we thought we could iterate on our Drupal platform to move to the headless model. From Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, we have always been big advocates of Drupal and avid contributors to its community. After a long and happy relationship, we have decided to let it go and move on, despite having a very strong and capable platform, some of the constraints were becoming too much for us to keep the old stack.

“Regular core updates for security fixes, sometimes vital modules are no longer supported in the new version, or no longer maintained at all, requiring some…

Gustavo Liedke

Senior Engineer at Comic Relief. Co-Founder and Director @weareserverless.

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