What Are Celebrities Doing on Web3?

Web3 is gaining more attention daily as it attracts prominent figures from all industries. Now, even celebrities are on web3 trying to benefit from this new iteration of the internet. Celebrities on web3 are trying to tap into the virtual world and benefit from its markets.

They get to stay in trend and make more money off the web by doing so. However, there are many ways of tapping into the multiple streams of revenue on Web3. Read on to uncover some of the profitable ventures of celebrities on Web3.

Key Takeaways

Numerous celebrities from the entertainment industry are gaining enlightenment on the prospects that abound in Web3. So, they’re jumping into swift action to make sales and draw revenue rather than sleep on it. After all, marketing on Web3 can work for just about anyone.

In view of this, celebrities are leveraging the decentralized blockchain ledger technology to make highly prized NFTs of their crafts. They also leverage virtual reality to hold concerts and engage in collaborations and brand promotions. What’s way more remarkable is that they get paid with royalties.

How Celebrities Benefits from Web3

Most discussions about Web3 would be incomplete without the metaverse. The reason is that the merge of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality is a large part of web3’s infrastructure. As such, celebrities on Web3 are exploiting the metaverse.

How cool it sounds to make the metaverse work for you. Is it possible? Absolutely! So, let us explore what celebrities are doing on Web3 through the metaverse.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

With the concept of decentralized ledger technology, private ownership, and blockchain, NFT is thriving merchandise. Interestingly, your faves are not sleeping on this. Several celebrities are harnessing the power of the art they create.

They do this by tapping into the power of NFTs. From musicians like Justin Bieber to footballers like Lionel Messi and the GOAT, big names are involved.

Lionel Messi has set up “Messiverse,” a collection of highly artistic NFTs. Launched on the Ethernity blockchain, Messiverse features four pictures portraying Messi’s achievements, accomplishments, and love.

In the aspect of NFTs, celebrities are also buying. For example, Justin Bieber bought two bored apes from the ape yacht club within two weeks. Well, the price at which he purchased those apes is truly mind-boggling.

Through these purchases, he is racking up a collection of NFTs and has gained entrance into the renowned bored ape yacht club. Other members of the club include Serena Williams, Steph Curry, and Travis Barker.

African celebrities on web3 include Falz and Buju, who have created their NFT collections respectively “ice cream man” and “headsbyBuju.”

Musical Concerts

Roblox has contacted artists to deliver more musical entertainment to the virtual world. Some artists have also reached out on their own accord. In addition, personalities such as Ava Max and Zara Larson have performed to launch events on the platform.

Also, the twenty-one pilot group has held an interactive convert on Roblox. The performance was indeed engaging and immersive. On the 18th of November 2020, Justin Bieber held a real-time convert in the metaverse in collaboration with the wave.

Other celebrities on Web3 include Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, who have performed in Fortnite. Lil Nas X also held a concert In Roblox as a web3 virtual celebrity. Interestingly, millions of avatars were in attendance. These are to mention but a few.

Brand Partnership

Influencer marketing is another activity open to celebrities on Web3. As brands expand into the digital realm, they search for ways to amass recognition and relevance. Thus, the need for celebrities to market their goods to digital avatars.

Brands can get artists to show up for concerts wearing a piece of their latest collection for publicity and PR. Of course, this stunt will drive in the bulk of avatars whose shopping converts to revenue. A perfect example is Daisy, the digital influencer who has collaborated with Ralph Lauren, New Balance, and other fashion brands.

Another example is Dior creating a digital doppelgänger of Angelababy. The ambassador’s double even attended the Dior Pre-fall show in Shanghai last year.

If you’re uncertain about the celebrity patronage for Web3, take a look at Paris Hilton’s Netflix culinary show on Paris world. Numerous fans have joined her in her virtual world kitchen to prepare a meal for the show.

Virtual Worlds

The inflow of celebrities staking their holds on web3 include Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Lionel Messi, Justin Bieber, etc.

Snoop Dogg launches the Snoopverse, a virtual world on Sandbox for holding concerts, exhibitions, and parties. Consider it a virtual replica of Snoop Dogg’s residence in California. Early bird access tickets to the snoopverse will draw in over ten million dollars alone (note that there are almost private passes).

Paris Hilton’s Paris world on Roblox is described as a “virtual oasis of fun.” It features a zoo, private island, private jet, and yacht and even collaborated with Netflix for a show.

If you’re a stranger to Web3, I know this will seem like a lot to take in. But, the reality of celebrity power in Web3 is seeping in as the days go by.

Where do you fall on the radar? I’ll urge you to tug along and enjoy the benefits of the worldwide iteration before it gets too late. Web3.0 has a spot for celebrities as well as you.


With Web3 gaining prominence and stealing the spotlight, it’s an act of wisdom to begin investing there. Well, noticeably, Web3 investments are paying off nicely for celebrities. So, upcoming celebrities on Web3 and aspirants should also jump on this trend to promote themselves.

What’s not to enjoy? You get high ROI, publicity, and dominance on the wave taking over the world. That’s definitely something to live for.

Hello readers, I hope this article on how celebrities leverage web3 has been insightful. The good news is that you can also take a bold step and do the same. Share your results with us when you do; we look forward to hearing from you.

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