How to Be More Mindful about the Future…Starting Today

Some people think about the future very little, while some people are entrenched in what comes next. The Glimpse Tomorrow founders are part of the latter — working for combined decades in helping clients figure out how to plan for the unknown.

While many of our clients are large, multinational companies who think about the future a lot — we mean A LOT, as they have to stake millions of dollars into it — we know that there are a lot of individuals, non-profits, and small- and medium-sized businesses that could benefit from thinking a little bit more about it. So, to that end, we decided to create Glimpse Tomorrow.

Our team has put our future-thinking minds together to develop a series of divergent futures that will paint a variety of worlds that we could all live in one day. We’ll focus on a single question like: “What does health care look like in 2026?” so that we’ll provide readers with a broad spectrum of outcomes within a focused area.

Readers can spend 5–10 minutes thinking about each world and use it:

1. In their own lives as inspiration

2. To share with their colleagues, to inspire them and act as a springboard for strategy and innovation planning

3. For their organization to future-proof against the future marketplace and competition

We hope that Glimpse Tomorrow will help you and your organization begin to think and act proactively about the future.

P.S. If you want to know about our process, it was inspired by a customized version of Landscape Scenario Planning.