The Predator

by Dab10

If it gets to much for you read the last line then finish

Copyright© 2012 by Dab10

His and Her View

His View

There she is so beautiful I know what she wants deep down in my soul.

Oh my god those legs

I know instinctively. I feel this is the only girl for me.

I got to think, but I can’t get past my instinct.

I can see how this will go down.

I will sneak up on her.

I will grab her

I will have her

She will birth my children

I know I wouldn’t be around to see it

I can wait no longer.

Starting out I move so quiet and slow,

I know any sound even a vibration and the game is up

One step at a time

Closer and closer

Still she is not aware of me

I am so close her smell is hitting me like a brick

The excitement growing in me

I let the instincts take over

Past all thought now I dart in

As I get to her she starts to move

I start rubbing her abdomen

Caressing time and time again

She freezes not moving a muscle

Like I knew she would

I try to get her in my embrace

She starts moving oops I stopped rubbing

Starting again she is frozen once more

I arrange myself behind her

And get us both ready for me to mount her

Still rubbing she is so soft

Feeling her as I touch her again and again

Bigger than I thought

But so beautiful

I know I am going to impregnate her

She will have my children

Oh so slowly I enter her wow what a feeling

She moved

I stopped rubbing

I start again an she is like a statue once again

I am pounding away

Thrust and rub

Thrust and rub

She likes it I can feel her quiver

I shoot my seed inside her

I just think how she will swell when the seed takes hold

Oh wow that was so awesome I can’t think

She is starting to move

Damn I stopped rubbing again

So I rub some more and she stops moving again

Caress and rub

It is time for me to get away

Caress and rub

So I stretch as far as I can still rubbing

Then I turn and run

My legs are a bit weak but I get a good head start

In to the bush

Ah I am safe



Pain in my neck

Dam I thought I was safe


Her View

I was waiting for dinner time

I was on the web

Waiting for someone to come on

To make dinner plans

Alone in the park

I am not scared

I am a big girl

Large for a female

I am here a lot

Never more than some cat calls

Or maybe the bird

Something comes up behind me

As I start to turn

It starts stroking my belly

I stop

I am frozen

I can’t move at all

Fear, rage, and I can’t make myself move

I am more angry than scared

But nothing I try let’s me move

I feel him move behind me

Please let me go

Wrapping his arms around me

Oh he stops rubbing

I can move

Just a little

Damn he started again and I am lost

My body is betraying me and is preparing to mate

My hair stands on its end

Oh god it is my fertile time

He is going to make me a mother

I feel him enter me

Oh how I hate my body for reacting like this

He stops rubbing maybe I can … damn he started again

Why is this stopping me from moving?

How can his rubbing do this to me?

I feel him start pounding at me oh my body is quivering

I can feel him fill me up with his sperm

And know I will be a mommy soon

He stopped rubbing if I can grab him

Fuck he started again

If I can, I will kill him

He slowly moves away still stroking me

He turns and runs

I can move

Now I will kill him

I chase after him

We are both moving a bit slow

Both stumbling a bit

But I am catching up to him

He goes in to a bush and I jump on him and grab his neck

I rip his head off

Knowing I am going to need more food for my babies, I eat him

Crawl back to the middle of my web and see

If anyone else is going to join me

For dinner

Life is lonely for a black widow.