Logobook — the best place for looking at the finest old and new logos

If your curiosity are kicking you that much, who created this pretty logo from your nearest pharmacy shopsign you NEED to visit Logobook

Access: http://www.logobook.com/ [checked 12.03.2017]

Basic info:

  • curated by Svizra
  • “Our ambition is to improve global design standards in logo and identity design, and encourage businesses and designers to create original logo designs.”

How to search here?

  • via search engine
  • via Directory
  • via categories: Letters and numbers, shape, object, nature or business.

This is a very interesting archive, with simple and neat structure. Let me present you:

search results page for “H” letter

Here we have all logos with letter “H” (my favourite, by the way). When we choose one of this logos, we’ll get this:

All information about this logo

Sum up: If I as witch would like to check some logos, I would certainly use Logobook.

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