I am French. I was born in Paris and studied secretary first. I immediately started to work as an assistant after having passed my exam at the age of 19. It was not my original choice and not corresponding to my personality. I would have loved to integrate prestigious Art School in Paris such as : L’école des Beaux Arts, L’école des Arts décoratifs, L’école de cinéma La Fémis… but I though I would have been not accepted or not able to do it. At that time I was so shy and with a terrible lack of confidence.

I did so many different things with more or less talent : Wrote novels and songs, sang, played the Djembe, tried playing the saxophone, created electronic music, collaborated with a local radio and started to use my camera when I joined a club in photography. The majority of the people in my club was focussed on birds, landscape, nature or black and white photography. I also like this kind of photography but I was already testing impact of colors into digital photography. I was influenced by fashion textile and design. I was not considered as a photographer.

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to create photographic series. Sometimes I feel like a frustrated painter. This is the reason why I have decided to produce unique piece when I am working on digital abstract paints.


I have always too many things in mind and I would like to do everything at the same time, which is quite complicated. First, I want to have a gallery to give me the opportunity to organize my solo photographic exhibition and show the approach of Beyond Photography. Why not in Paris, Berlin, New York ?

New Planet

Digital photography

Digital photography demands to know how to use softwares to manage a basic post-digital treatment (light, contrast… ). Every brand deliver their own application when they sell their cameras. Sometimes it is enough, sometimes not — especially when you want to create mixed media. I am using an old version of Lightroom. Sometimes I work with Photoshop (CS3) but not often. I appreciate the Nik collection from Google. I am sure that in future I will integrate more and more different elements to go beyond photography for having always a high aesthetics quality.

-Betty Pepper from La Rochelle, France




Originally published at on November 29, 2015.