Glitch Candies, exploration of the eye candy glitches, as an audiovisual generative art.

Glitch Candies Genesis, AV and GEN2 collections.

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The Genesis

Glitch Candies is a NFT project focused on generative art, metaverse exploration and incorporating audiovisual content in game-like immersive experiences.

Glitch Candies in Decentraland, Genesis event at Xetaplex, May 2022

Project initially launched on Stargaze.Zone as Genesis Glitch Candies, a collection of 400 4k resolution still images. Glitch Candies collections embrace the intricacies of code, error and seek beauty in human interaction with technology. To create Glitch Candies Koshi Mazaki and Fedfod utilised Max8, a visual programming environment for audiovisual media.

Project Team

Koshi founded the project and leads it as a Creative Director and Sound Designer. ZuretaNFT works as CTO. Focused on scaling and growth consults strategy and programming of experiences in Decentraland’s SDK. FedFod initially worked as a consultant in GLSL shader and visual development. However, in GEN2 collection he had worked on rendering and creation of artworks as well. Artists created software tool for rendering the eye popping colourful artworks — a Glitch Candy Factory patch. Both Koshi and Fedfod use glitches and randomness in code, metadata and audio to create aesthetically satisfying results.

Interface of Glitch Candy Factory V1 used to create and render Glitch Candies Genesis Collection.

The Glitch Candy Factory

In a 3D environment basic geometric shapes like cube, sphere, torus, open circle, capsule are incorporated. Artists are morphing, modifying and glitching out shape, structure and applying eye candy colours with sound synthesis and GLSL shaders. GLSL shaders are code based short programs generating effects and shapes using OpenGL and processing power of the graphic card. Rendering process happens real-time, once artists are listening to perfect audio loops. This way each candy is hand-made, using a MIDI controller and mouse to manipulate the settings. One can compare it to improvisation, interaction with algorithms and human computer interaction or to ‘live’ mini VJ sets.

Cover of Glitch Candies Genesis Collection showcasing shape movement.

Initially audio and video weren’t supported on Stargaze, hence the choice of generation of still images. Collection from the start was intended to be audiovisual and initially the first 83 candies were actually video files in .mov format.

Audio and sound synthesis

For audio hardware synthesizers, drum machines and modular synthesizers are used to ensure top quality of generation of sound and flexibility in sound design. Creation of custom hardware physical setups provides unique sound design and evolving compositions, that were specifically designed for the project. As a result, both Glitch Candies AV and Glitch Candies GEN2 collections have unique audio traits (16 and 20 traits respectively).

Hardware setup

Sound is generated with devices like Eurorack modular, Serge Modular system, Waldorf Iridium, Elektron Rytm and Digitone drum machine and groove box. Sound is then processed and sampled with Eurorack granular sampler modules such as Morphagene, delays and reverbs. Lastly, all audio content is mixed and processed through outboard hardware devices. For example, Looptrotter Monster 2 Tube Compressor provides signal warmth via tube saturation.

Buchla 200e (left) Serge (right) modular synthesizer systems, Analog Rytm (far right) used to generate sound.

Generative Composition and Sound Design

Generative composition is created using multiple modulation sources. Six envelope generators and six Low Frequency Oscillators(LFOs) in Waldorf Iridium modulating a variety of parameters at the same time ensures that. For example, amplitude modulation, filter frequency, oscillator wave shape changes, length of decays, modulation of depth and speed of LFOs and granular synthesis settings are all modulated at the same time.

Audio once generated and processed is curated, edited and composed in perfect loops using Ableton Live. In the GEN2 collection audio loops were designed to work as textural, generative ambient compositions. Once played on the marketplace at the same time they act as building blocks to new, yet to be discovered pieces. Making a ‘living generative art piece’, where participants are collectors curating the loops by putting them on the marketplace. In GEN2 collection, geometric shapes are linked with sets of loops forming mini playlists. Before rendering, audio loops are randomly selected from those playlists and the triggering point is the section of shapes. This results in ‘shape coding’ the audio content that works in rhythm, scale and timbral quality creating new generative work(once multiple mp4 files are streamed at the same time via ipfs).

Pseudo random sound selection setup linking 3D shapes with audio loops as playlists, used in the GEN2 collection.

Glitch Candies AV and GEN2 Collections

Glitch Candies AV

Glitch Candies AV is the airdropped collection to holders of Glitch Candies Genesis (400, 1of1 NFTs). Each Glitch Candy was created with its Genesis still image in mind. Metadata(traits) of each candy is made of the settings used in Glitch Candy Factory patch, therefore Json files used to generate Genesis Collection were utilised as starting points in creation of the AV collection. Json files allow literally loading AV candies within the created custom tool. Audio loops range from 30sec-1m40sec based on traits used and selected loops work with one another creating sound collages, once played on the Stargaze marketplace.

Glitch Candies GEN2 Collection Cover.

Glitch Candies GEN2

GEN2 collection is a collection of 200 1of1 audiovisual candies created in 1x1 aspect ratio (1280x1280 at 29.97 fps). It uses an updated version of the Glitch Candy Factory patch. Changes include mix of the noise generative textures, updated shaders, blend modes allowing disappearing and transparency of models as well as contrast and brightness settings used to saturate renders before .mov to .mp4 file format conversion. There is also new base 3D model — a pyramid.

The GEN2 collection uses a new set of traits reflecting settings and tool updates and is rendered by Fedfod (1 to 100) and Koshi (101–199). Glitch Candy 200 was created by both artists during the Glitch Candy Making session at IBCNFT discord together with our communities.

Mixes of noise.simplex, noise.cell and fractal.fbm algorithms used on cube model to modify the shape, hightmap and colour in GEN2 collection.

Comparison and summary

Both audiovisual collections are rendered using Syphon Recorder in H264 codec. Both are rendered real-time. In GEN2 collection each audio trait is of the same length — 20sec long making video files of the same length as well. Both collections are visually imperfect, glitched out loops and both merge intricacies of code glitch and error with art. This workflow creates a unique approach to generation of NFT collections. Both AV and GEN2 collections have licence CC0 allowing collectors all creative rights, without asking creators’ permission.

Glitch Candies in the Metaverse

Glitch Candies as a project is using NFTs from each collection in galleries, mini games and audiovisual experiences in Decentraland where NFTs are used, as high quality game items and assets. Wearable Glitch Candy Helmets, 3D models used in scenes are also generated using Glitch Candy Factory patch.

Presence now and setup for the future

Presence in the metaverse, such as Decentraland allows Glitch Candies exploring use cases of NFTs as sound art, spatial audio works and as generative and procedural sound design in game setting. This setting is also linking project with wider audience and existing community on Etherium/Polygon chains. Glitch Candies Discord is a meeting place between the communities from Cosmos and Decentraland. In the future, with experience gained in Decentraland Glitch Candies are looking to experiment across varied range on metaverse projects and create immersive, meaningful and engaging experiences bridging IRL events and digital within the metaverse. This way Glitch Candies are set up to help new projects entering the space with incorporating metaverse experiences, media and technology.

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