Glitch Candies: Synthesis

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Glitch Candies: Synthesis is a collection focused on the relationship between movement and light, frequency and colour, predictability, uncertainty and illusion. Each piece is a still image generated using real time physical movements, custom made algorithms and sequencing in software tools created by Glitch NFT Studio. The collection is opening an audio visual journey that the audience and collectors will be part of. Each piece also unlocks access to multiple digital items, realms, games and immersive experiences. Collaborating with the Teritori Network core team and Teritori DAO Glitch NFT Studio aims to enrich and widen the Teritori Ecosystem.

Glitch Candies / Teritori Network partnership

The Team

Glitch NFT Studio launched Genesis NFT collections on Stargaze and is involved in creating scenes, events and minigames in Decentraland. GNS Team has over 10 years of experience in creating new media, live shows and interactive immersive installations IRL. Our community from Decentraland and Cosmos ecosystem is testing games with us once playing them, giving us feedback and influencing the future of the projects while winning the rewards. Our previous events drive new designs and inform the changes.

Most recently Glitch Candies presented an AV show on OG stage at Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022 supporting Bjork, Megadeth and Ozzie Osbourne. GNS is also registered as an Official Partner Studio in Decentraland.

Here is Linger18 scoring 6202 points. Hitting individual candies so many times in Candy Chaser and winning the contest as a result. July, 2022

The Game

The Glitch Candies: Synthesis collection is a collection of 420 still images. These unlock three future (2023) claimable components: AV collection airdrop and wearables airdrop, as well as $Tori airdrop. Additionally these NFTs will have utility in the metaverse. Leveraging experience and programming Decentraland’s SDK and scene development in 2022 GNS is going to build a game for Teritori Network set in cyberpunk aesthetics. Glitch Candies presented as abstract 3D models, wearables and audiovisual media will be boosting the player’s experience and ability to gather points. Boosts include for example: time bonus, teleport access, point multiplier. Game will run as a pilot initially for a month with weekly rewards and GNS are targeting February 2023 for launch. Launch and development of the game is subsidised by Teritori Network community grant.

Screenshot from one of Glitch Candies events in Decentraland May, 2022

The collection

Each Glitch Candies: Synthesis NFT has 9 traits and each is based around basic 3D shapes such as cube, torus or sphere of varied rarities and 2560 x 2560 resolution. Holders of multiple NFTs will receive an equal amount of AV edition pieces of 3 rarities. The AV works will be randomly distributed among the holders. The higher amount of Glitch Candies Synthesis held = higher probability of receiving rare AV candy and wearable used in the game.

Transparent generative models with light.
Canvas like paintings using 3D models, white background and transparency.
High contrast saturated pieces and the Mythic Wad.


Collection aesthetics is the most diverse considering all our collections to date. It showcases flexibility in generation of shapes and content rendered by studio’s own software. A diverse range of abstract shapes from squiggles on white canvas, saturated block structures, as well as transparent glowing pieces are present here. Settings of the patch set to create the artwork make the NFT traits and define the rarity of the piece. The unifying factor of the works is vibrant, colourful the “eye candy” abstract generative art.

Collaborating with Wadsquad we have included 5 Mythic 1 of 1 Wad candies. These are unique from aesthetic standpoint mixing hi fidelity of GLSL shader technic with pixel art. Above all adding much needed fun.

Glitch Candies: Synthesis Cover

Synthesis FAQ

How many Synthesis Candies to mint: 420

Is there WL? Yes

The price:

WL: 2 Atom max 3 per wallet

Public Mint: 3 Atom unlimited

2023 Mega Sale: 250 $Tori unlimited

Whats the mint date? 9th of December 2022

What is the license ? Can I make a T-shirt with my candy?

License is cc0 you can do whatever you like with you candy without asking us permission.




Teritori Network minting dapp:

Medium: on our approach to leveraging generative art in metaverse exploration

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