Goals and Successes📈

Hi friends🐒
Finally, last autumn and winter has come! The most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?? Do you like winter?

As for me, I love this time of year. But honestly for me every season is wonderful. I try to see the positive side in everything, because it makes life brighter and more interesting!

The New Year is coming! This is my favorite holiday. This Christmas, buying gifts and preparing for the holiday. It’s perfect!

I hope that each of you also likes to prepare for the new year!💙

And now I’d like to tell you about last week! For me, every day is a little discovery!

Constantly there is something new. I’m trying to get more new information and do everything possible to improve the knowledge of English language.

I finally was able to answer the question on the book we read as a group! For me it’s a success! Since knowledge of the English language I have a weak, I don’t always have time for guys. I try to be prepared to the maximum for each task, but for busy guys have time to answer faster than me on all the questions asked by the teacher. And finally I did. I am very glad! I hope that this keeps up and I will be able to reach the desired level.

I wish everyone success in their studies! Guys, set goals and achieve them it’s very cool!!!😎