«Our linguistic the most fantastic»🎉🎉🎉

It was under this motto was held the day of the Freshman in our University . This was an excellent event, full of joy,fun and happiness! I think that all who were present remained in full delight .✨

I was very impressed how lots of things the people around me! Everyone is full of talent and it is good that there are people who help us to develop them.👍🏻

I would also like to highlight the ability of seniors to organize such a big event. With kadhm of them I do not personally know, but I was very pleased with how they treat us. Support and advice from them was very appropriate.💓🐰

As for me I am very devalina this day!!! And for all the time I never regretted that I study in this University !!!📚💃🏻😂

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