you didn’t sound smart at all…..
Stacey Singleton

To Stacey Singleton:

I certainly invoke many assumptions and generalities and am guilty of the universal sin of treating speculative explanations as equal to the documented data they profess to explain.

Out of curiosity, which of my many transgressions, have you concerned about my IQ? I realize that ad hominem arguments are de rigeur on the left but I was unaware that they had become mandatory. So please, enlighten me. Where have I failed aside from (a) not being a leftist or (b) not accepting without question any claim that might tend to justify black self-esteem or white guilt.

P.S.: The remnants of the civil rights movement and their revolutionary successors have fallen into 2 universal phenomena, (1) the need to reenact status changing events, and (2) the tendency of generals to plan for and fight the previous war. As much as my overconfidence, generalities, assumptions, and oddball conservatism may be naturally objectionable, it is neither I nor the people that may agree with me that you can expect to show up at your church or your child’s school with an automatic weapon. As much as you may imagine that I am similar to Dylan Roof, allow me to explain why not.

First of all, I do not subscribe to white supremacy. Personal experience has shown me that there is good and bad on both sides of the racial divide. That more on one side may share my views of the world doesn’t change the fact that as a child I was bullied by whites and as older persons with car trouble both my parents received assistance by black motorists.

I am argumentative not violent or malicious. Secondly, unlike Mr. Roof, I do not flaunt the confederate flag. Despite my belief that it should be treated as a historical symbol of the deaths of thousands who fought for their homeland, I do not subscribe to its use as an ideological symbol.

I am a Christian and subscribe to the belief that truth is a greater virtue than non-offense. Combine that with some residual oppositional defiant disorder, and I will call attention to popular falsehoods. Finally, be aware of the world around you, Islam is coming for all of us. You and I must be comrades in a fight for survival no matter how much I disagree with you nor how difficult and disagreeable I may seem.