Singer Meg Shaw to release new songs exclusively for fans signed to the highly anticipated Egg Sessions campaign

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May 12 · 4 min read

1. How did the concept behind the Egg Sessions came about?

I wanted to keep the idea of gigging alive whilst the country is in lockdown, so this livestream is the answer really! I’ve done a few small livestreams since March, but hopefully the launch of Egg Sessions will keep the live music scene going and invite more people to do the same, so when everything is running back to normal we can continue supporting each other and sharing music.

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2. You’ve said that creating “Billie Eilish” cover was a big highlight. Can you bring us back to the moment?

I’ve always been inspired by Billie, particularly in how original she is and how clever her tracks are produced by herself and her brother, Finneas. Getting to put my own spin on my favourite song was so much fun as it allowed me to try out some of their techniques as well as add my own sound to it, and this is my favourite cover to sing live so I’m glad I’ve had the chance to share it with everyone now. I also was blown away by the version that Lewis Capaldi does to this track, so I kind of merged the two versions together, as well as adding my own spin, to create it.

3. When can the fans expect your debut single?

Fingers crossed very soon! I’ve been spending the last 6 months working hard in the studios alongside my band and producer, so hopefully will see some tracks surfacing towards the end of this year!

4. Are we going to be seeing designs for your brand new merch anytime soon?

This is something I’ve recently started to think about, as I’m a fan of buying my favourite artists’ merchandise, both local acts and international! I’ve had a few ideas on the sorts of items I want to put out, but feel free to contact me if you have any requests or ideas!

5. Are you planning to put a headline show in Worcester in the near future?

I’m hoping to somehow involve both Liverpool and Worcestershire in my upcoming single release when I come to releasing my first track, as I grew up gigging in the West Midlands but then moved up here to Liverpool. If all goes to plan, I’ll hopefully be able to do a headline gig in both areas, as last time I went down to Worcestershire (for the BBC introducing Live Session) it went down great!

6. What do your parents think?

My parents are loving that I’m pursuing my love for music — especially my dad who gets to come along to every gig I do and help me carry round all the equipment! It’s weird having my band and gigs up here in Liverpool as it’s away from my family, but they always try and travel up here to support me in any way they can which is great.

7. At what point while you were creating music did you decide you wanted to sing?

I’ve kind of grown up playing and listening to music, so it just came naturally really! From the age of 3 I was performing, either at my dance school doing dance or singing in choir, so I’ve always known that performing was the way to go! I would always try and find an excuse to sing; in fact I even used to get told off in nursery for singing The Wizard of Oz too loudly — I’m glad I ignored them now!

8. What do you hope your legacy will be?

I want to leave the audience feeling something after hearing me play — I love the feeling you get when you go to a gig, or you come across a track, and you feel like you’ve been taken on a journey and you’re left speechless. The songs where you stop what you’re doing, really acknowledge every note and chord and want to go back and repeat it over and over again for days. I also want to create something new and interesting, as there’s so many good songs out there now but what makes each one stand out?

9. You have the live experience coming on Saturday May 16th. What can the fans expect?

Expect the best livestream I’ve done yet! I’ll be doing live versions of the exclusive cover tracks (which you can wrap your ears round now if you grab a ticket), as well as my own original songs — including some new ones. I will also try and make it as interactive as possible, so it will feel like you’re at a live gig but in the comfort of your own homes with a cup of coffee (or something stronger) Saturday this week.

10. How can fans follow you on social?

‘@megshawsings’ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud — I always post regular updates, clips of new tracks, behind-the-scenes and much more on these so make sure you stay updated on all platforms!

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