Letter From The Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As you think about your giving this holiday, I wanted to remind you about Global Nomads Group’s important work to link youth around the world, and ask for your support.

No matter where we are, we are always surrounded by difference, but recent events have caused these differences to become areas of tension and strife rather than sources of strength and celebration. It has become clear to us that Global Nomads Group’s work is needed now more than ever for our students, schools, and communities. We believe that it is only through proximity with difference that racism, bigotry, and phobias can be combatted. We know this because we see the changes our students make in their attitudes and beliefs as a result of our programs.

The second year of our flagship program, Campfire, is underway. We are linking a growing number of classrooms in California, Kentucky, New York, and Utah with classrooms in Jordan, Pakistan, and Morocco. Invited in by enthusiastic and supportive educators, classroom pairs are engaging on nearly a weekly basis, exploring how they, as youth, can contribute to positive social change in their communities. We remain focused on giving every young person a chance to have these important cross-cultural experiences in which they become more active members of their communities, whether local or global.

After the US election, I re-watched a video conference we hosted among students in Kentucky, New York, and Amman, Jordan. Students were respectful and constructive as they had a dialogue with each other and shared a plurality of perspectives. These interactions contrast with news of increased bullying in our schools and reports of student-on-student hate crimes. That is why we have deepened our resolve to develop a generation of global citizens who are empathic, aware, and who feel empowered to take action in their communities to solve some of the most pressing problems we face.

Many folks are asking what they can do. If GNG’s work resonates with you, consider getting involved more deeply. We need your help.

Become a partner in our journey to foster a generation of global citizens by contributing to Global Nomads Group during this giving season.
• Introduce us to your friends who are influencers in education and the business community and who can champion our work.

My best,

Chris Plutte

GNG Executive Director & Co-Founder

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