Tracing my Fingerprint: My Story Started Here

By: Anwar Al-Sayyed from Amal wo Salam, Jerrash, Jordan

Screen share from the Basmatuna Program

There is no disagreement on how destructive the Syrian crisis has been for me and other Syrian families. It has, however, made me dream of becoming a Syrian Journalist to help my people and make their voices and suffering reach the world. “How can I start?” I wondered. And the answer came with the Basmatuna program.

My participation in Basmatuna made me believe, for the first time, that I can help my people and tell the whole world about the Syrian refugee children suffering in Jordan and other neighboring countries. When I first came to Jordan, I stayed in a refugee camp along with my family. I was depressed and hopeless. Back then, I never accepted the fact that our new home is a tent and that some of my school friends back home died.

Joining my school in Jerrash and participating in programs like Basmatuna through Global Nomads Group has given me the chance to speak to people from the United States and Qatar. And if there is something new I learned from my peers, it is that there is no one perfect happy place on this planet. People have problems they struggle with! It was also comforting to find that many peoples care about the Syrian refugees and that they try to do anything to help us and give us the hope we need. I learned that whatever religion or nationality people have, we share our humanity and this small planet we live on. For that, we have to work and collaborate to help each other. We should never stop trying to go throw this life and make or dreams come true. The activities we worked on in the program helped me learn more about dealing with conflicts. It made me more open-minded and confident in my self.

Basmatuna gave me hope and power to study hard in my school and develop my personality to build an new Syria; a Syria that needs us all.

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