Merchandise Planning, Pricing & Optimization

Analyze. Optimize. Realize.

Merchandise planning, pricing and optimization.

By Combining the ‘Art’ of Merchandising with the ‘Science’ of Analytics. GPS uses

Advanced Analytics and Consumer Demand Modeling for Optimal Benefits. Determines Optimal Prices at any level of the Merchandise/Location Hierarchy.

Analyze. Optimize. Realize.
  • Adheres to Company Goals and Objectives
  • Price Sensitivity and Consumer behavior
  • ‘What If’ functionality provides insight to key financial metrics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Zone and Cluster Pricing
Elasticity Calculations

Improved pricing decisions to increase revenue, profits, margin and customer loyalty

  • Leverages point of sale data to determine price elasticity
  • Visibility of how a change in price impacts unit sales
  • Accounts for causal factors such as promotion, seasonality, holidays, cannibalization, affinity
  • Integrates retailer’s business rules, constraints and pricing strategy with product elasticity
  • Enhances retailer’s business processes
Price Elasticity Modeling
Full Life-Cycle Pricing Solution

Global Pricing Solutions (GPS) designs, develops, and deploys world-class enterprise pricing and analytic insight solutions for the retail, grocery and specialty market. Using scientific methodologies and advanced analytics. We enable Retailers, Grocers and Specialty Shops around the world to stay competitive in an ever changing market.

Our customers achieve reliable results, profitable growth, and a sustainable competitive advantage. We build lasting relationships through exceptional personal service and continuously invest in our team and partners to improve our applications and value proposition.

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