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Advent of modern technology has revolountised our lives in innumerous ways it has transformed or redefined the way we lead our lives. It has widened our horizons, delivered enticing opportunities for work or studies to a much wider hemisphere. Moving abroad for studies or work related assignments has turned ubiquitous today.

Certificate Attestation has a much wider role to play when one person plans to migrate to overseas. You will have to follow a stringent and strident procedure to get your document attested.

Birth certificate is a vital document for a child, which enables the child to prove the date of birth, join school, enter in to a valid employment contract, prevent child exploitation, to apply for passport, to apply for a Ration Card entry…

The applicant will have to first attest their document from the home state Government where the certificate was issued later from the Ministry of External Affairs (Govt.of India) followed by the host country’s Ministry of foreign Affairs from where the Visa is issued. Attestation procedure varies for each country.

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