Bi-weekly Update: 19 October 2018

Air-dropping rewards with our patent pending geo-location technology. The much anticipated Closed Beta version of the App will be released this Q4 of 2018.

Dear GAT Community,

Closed Beta Progress

As you know, the team will release the much anticipated Closed Beta version of the App this Q4 2018. The Closed Beta app will be available for download in both Android and Apple stores. The precise timing of our Closed Beta release will be announced in future updates. For now, progress towards Closed Beta release is very much on , and the team is hard at work testing, de-bugging, and polishing the app.

During the Closed Beta phase, our partner merchants will airdrop rewards within specific designated test areas in Singapore. So, if you don’t live in Singapore, you can still download the App, but you won’t be able to receive rewards until airdrops commence in your city.

Closed Beta testing will be conducted throughout Q4 2018 and carry into Q1 2019. This is a crucial phase for us, as we collate feedback from live users and merchants, and use this data to measure the effectiveness of our system. We anticipate making substantial adjustments during this period, so the team will be extremely busy during this time.

Screenshot of the actual Merchant Dashboard for configuring airdrops. The Alpha version of the system is live and the team has been testing airdrops around Singapore to measure fidelity.

App Re-branding

In our update, we mentioned that the App will have a different brand name from the GAT currency in order to maximize penetration into a largely non-crypto audience. This is still the strategy, and we have been hard at work preparing for the App re-branding. Trademarks for the new App brand have all been filed in our key markets around the world, and our marketing and design agencies are finalizing new assets and websites. We will announce the new App brand when we make the Closed Beta launch.

The color scheme of the App will match the new brand image. The App branding was selected to appeal to a mass retail audience. Bright colors are used to identify the App with gifts, rewards, and promotions. The new App brand will be released to coincide with Closed Beta launch.

Other News

It has been an intense couple of weeks as production launch of the app draws ever closer. We are working around the clock. The dev team continues to perform superbly, juggling both the Closed Beta as well as building out the GAT Wallet and Marketplace for release in Q1 2019.

Our team continues to expand, and I am very pleased to introduce our latest team member, Iskandar Jamaluddin. Iskandar is the newest member of our dev team, and is a front-end engineer. You can check out Iskandar’s LinkedIn bio .

Simon Cheong CEO (left) and front-end developer Iskandar Jamaluddin (right)

That’s all for this update. If you have any questions, or would like to join the official GAT community discussion, please join our Telegram group

Simon Cheong, Founder & CEO

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