Bi-weekly update: 24 August 2018

The Global Awards Token will be promoted as a universal shopping rewards currency.

Dear Gatcoiners,

Welcome to our bi-weekly update.

Re-branding and marketing

In the last update we focused on app and dev progress. This week we focus on upcoming re-branding and marketing activities.

Goodbye ICO. Hello Global Awards Token.

Today GATCOIN is known as an ICO project. Our brand image worked well during the token sale in 2017, but does not suit our long-term objectives as we enter into commercial launch.

In order to transition from an ICO project, into a mainstream currency and developed app, we will be promoting GAT as the “Global Awards Token”.

To consumers, GAT is a crypto-currency that can be spent on a multitude of coupons, offers and products.

Our design and marketing team led by Steve Davis have completely re-vamped the GAT image. The new GAT logo is simple, clean and modern, and made from a perfect circle with a strike through the center representing a ‘G’, whilst more subtly representing a shopping bag. The logo is bold, dynamic and unmistakable as a currency symbol. The re-branding paves the way for GAT to be promoted as a dominant crypto-currency for shopping rewards.

The new GAT logo is cut from a perfect circle, and represents an unmistakable currency symbol

To consumers, GAT is a universal shopping rewards currency that can be spent on a multitude of coupons, offers and products. To merchants, GAT can be used to settle purchases, as well as issued to customers to reward desired behavior, like visiting new stores or recommending products.

When does re-branding take place?

The GAT re-branding is a massive undertaking, and will coincide with a significant increase in PR and marketing activity. The brand package is still undergoing trademark registration, and we are currently working towards launching the new marketing campaign towards the end of this year. A lot of preparation work will be done in the meantime.

Looking Ahead.

Aside from re-branding work, everything else is progressing extremely well. Our dev team continues to make great progress on the app and related systems, and we are very much on schedule. The patent process for our proprietary A-drop technology is proceeding well with no hurdles.

We are working extremely hard 24/7, with all eyes on very exciting times ahead.

That’s all for this update. If you have any questions, or would like to join the official GATCOIN community discussion, please join our Telegram group here.

Simon Cheong, Founder & CEO

“GAT” is short for “Global Awards Token”, a crypto-currency created to facilitate friction-less micro-transactions in the global rewards and loyalty industries. More information about the project can be found at