Bi-weekly update: 5th May

CEO Simon Cheong with GATCOIN software developer Weiming Zhuang

Dear Gatcoiners,

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly update.

Weiming Zhuang: I am pleased to announce that Weiming Zhuang has joined the GATCOIN dev team. Weiming is an incredibly talented software engineer and a valuable addition to the core engineering team. Weiming’s LinkedIn profile can be found here. To give you some idea of how hard it was to find Weiming, over the last couple of months we reviewed 300+ CVs and interviewed 30+ candidates before finding Weiming.

Hiring Progress: We are still combing the universe for 3 more talented devs. We are also heading into the business development phase, and so have started to turn our attention to building on-the-ground sales teams. We will introduce new hires in coming updates.

Dev Progress: James, Matt, Weiming and Steve are hard at work on the GAT System. The focus over the last couple of weeks has been on the merchant dashboard, APIs, and the merchant app. We intend to announce an updated systems overview in the coming weeks to explain some changes to the GAT architecture. For example, the GAT Exchange is now firmly integrated into the GAT Marketplace. We’ve done this so shoppers can conveniently buy rewards with GAT at the same time they browse their favorite stores. The GAT Marketplace won’t have a traditional buy-sell order book (like many of you may be familiar with when trading cryptocurrencies), but rather a simple listing of time-locked offers that users can post in order to sell their rewards. You can take a look at a screen-shot of the future GAT Marketplace here:

The GAT Exchange is now integrated into the GAT Marketplace

Over the coming weeks we will explain other design changes, as well as our app features release sequence.

Andrew Roth. We are very pleased to announce that Andrew Roth has joined GATCOIN’s Board of Advisors. Andrew was Founder and CEO of PERX, a highly successful consumer marketing and loyalty business in Asia.

Andrew Roth, GATCOIN Advisor

Andrew is currently with the international consultancy Accenture and advises Fortune 500 companies on marketing and loyalty innovation.

We are very fortunate to have Andrew as part of the advisory team. Andrew brings an enormous amount of experience in building successful loyalty and marketing businesses. He is an invaluable mentor for GATCOIN as we enter the go-to-market phase. You can view Andrew’s LinkedIn profile here.

Got Suggestions? It’s getting very real now with App development well underway and beta launch dates only a few months away. If you have any feature suggestions write to us at and we’ll be sure to review them. We have a number of amazing GATCOIN fans in the Telegram channel, and we have been really happy to hear their views and suggestions.

That’s all for this update. Stay tuned for the next update in a couple of weeks.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like to join the GATCOIN conversation, we would encourage you to join our Telegram community at

Simon Cheong

Founder & CEO

GATCOIN core developers Matt Walker, James Kong and Weiming Zhuang
(from left to right) Chris Tong, Steve Davis, James Kong and Simon Cheong