Global Blockchain Network Partners with Bicameral Ventures

December 18, 2018, Dallas TX

Global Blockchain Network (GBN) is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Bicameral Ventures, an innovative venture capital fund focused on catalyzing network effects within the Aion ecosystem.

This partnership exemplifies the shared vision of Global Blockchain Network and Bicameral Ventures to expand the AION ecosystem. These combined efforts will provide GBN clients with the additional resources and funding opportunities they need to grow their business and strengthen their mark in the blockchain industry.

The Toronto-based Bicameral Ventures is a 3.0 investment platform focused on helping blockchain businesses overcome the obstacle of interoperability through the use of the AION multi-tier blockchain network.

As a leading blockchain marketing and demand generation firm, GBN is committed to providing its clients with the business tools and development solutions they need to thrive in the blockchain industry at every stage of the business lifecycle.

“In our digitally interconnected world, people and businesses need easier ways to share, transfer value and assets regardless of the blockchain being used.” Said Gregory Hemmer, CEO of Global Blockchain Network. “Together, Global Blockchain Network and Bicameral Ventures will provide businesses in the AION ecosystem with flexible tools that put them at the center of the blockchain interoperability.”

As part of their mutual MoU agreement, GBN will provide Bicameral Ventures with the digital marketing tools and business development solutions necessary to help build their community and promote the overall growth of the AION ecosystem. Through this partnership, Bicameral Ventures will be able to expand their reach through the GBN’s network of more than 30 blockchain partners.

“As pioneers in a nascent and extremely rapidly evolving blockchain industry, our portfolio projects have an enormous array of needs that can change quickly. Global Blockchain Network’s broad suite of data-driven services provide an important bridge for our projects to tangibly maximize the impact of their scarce early stage resources. Specifically, we appreciate GBN’s ability to both engage third parties at below-market rates and offer data enabled feedback loops on those services. We’re excited to bring this skillset to bear for both our portfolio companies as well as the broader AION ecosystem.” said Alex McDougall, Chief Investment Officer of Bicameral Ventures.

About Global Blockchain Network

Established in 2018, Global Blockchain Network is a leading marketing solutions provider and demand generation firm in the blockchain space. GBN is a team of marketing professionals with American roots spread across the globe who are fueling the growth of promising blockchain organizations.

About Bicameral Ventures

Bicameral Ventures is an innovative Venture Capital fund which both raises and deploys capital directly in cryptocurrency and invests in early stage blockchain projects leveraging the Aion interoperability platform. Bicameral Ventures was co-founded by Kesem Frank, co-founder of Aion and Nuco Inc. and Alex McDougall, fintech and M&A investment banking veteran with Bank of Montreal Capital Markets.

Global Blockchain Network

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A blockchain demand generation firm and marketing consultancy transforming blockchain businesses from startup to enterprise.

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