Model Qandeel Voice Recording And FIR On Front Of The World

Model Qandeel is a famous lady of Pakistan. She was known as social media heroine. Every person knows about the videos between Qandeel Baloch and Abdul Qawi. The real name of this lady is Fozia Azeem. Her death occurred in July at their residence. The residential area of Qandeel Baloch is Multan, Muzaffarabad. Qandeel Baloch wants to show herself in the world for this she does new tricks daily but she did not know that her habits will take her life. She lived in Karachi and wants to meet with their parents when her murder occurred. Qandeel Baloch also wanted to get marriage with Imran Khan. She also went for a meeting with Imran Khan when he was on striking but he denied meeting with him. According to media and FIR, her brother killed him for respect. She also got threat but she did not expose the names of those persons. Police also asked him to tell us those name we will take action but she did not expose. Before the murder, she demanded security from Interior Ministry but Ministry said contact with CPO. After that, the incident occurred. This is so aggressive step if she was ugly then this is her issue. It’s not good to kill that person. Qandeel FIR also we are sharing here so you can know about the statement of their father. Qandeel audio we are not uploading because this is secrecy and not better according to humanity. She also arranged a press conference and told him to media I am taking the threat and it’s my request to Chaudhry Nisar to give me security, I am taking threats it’s my request. But everything ignored by our politician. Mr. Waseem who is the brother of Qandeel Baloch has murdered by threatening her throat.

FIR Registered Against The Brother Of Qandeel Baloch

The police registered a case against Qandeel Baloch brother Waseem. Case registered in Muzaffarabad Police Station. The case registered on the demand of Qandeel’s Father Mr. Muhammad Azeem. In an interview on Saturday, the SP Cant Saifullah Khattak said, “the case registered on the demand of Qandeel’s father Mr. Muhammad Azeem under section 302 and the case no is 439. Maybe more guilty also include in this case with the time. The guilty ran away after the crime. The culprit ran away after taking Jewelry and money. About three weeks earlier she demanded security from interior minister the director General of the FIA and the senior superintendent of Islamabad demanding him to provide security and take action against those culprits”. Qandeel told I am in danger, someone giving me threat on the phone.