10 China Cryptocurrency Twitter Accounts to Follow



Located in Hangzhou, BTC China is a news site. The twitter account has very detailed and thorough news source for China Crypto news, and the team updates the most amongst all the news sources here

twitter.com/HuobiNews ‏ | twitter.com/Huobicom

Huobi News is the news platform for the Crypto Exchange Huobi.com in China.They provide professional market analysis, high-quality project introduction, and blockchain industry news


Located in Shanghai, this news source updates often on China Crypto news but not everyday


Based in the US, but do business cross borders, these guys know a thing or two about China Crypto


Located in Shanghai, this team is a leading EOS community dedicated to the prosperity of EOS ecosystem



A female China crypto enthusiast! Very entertaining and knowledgeable


funny guy, tweets often and knows China Crypto well

Not directly crypto focused accounts, but very helpful to learn about China and China’s Technology developments


The official news of China and represents the tone of the Chinese government (The tone of the Chinese government is very important to understand, you can see from my Daily updates on how much I highlight the government’s commentary on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain)


Hong Kong based newspaper, more American toned but there are a lot of Crypto activities coming out of Hong Kong


This guy is a Wechat and Alibaba Expert, shares great insights on the current consumer technology innovations in China. I learned a lot from following him

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