This video was originally published 12/12/2019

I really appreciate Ryan Maue putting out blast from the 2019 past chart, the tongue of this Arctic plunge all the way to the Northern Florida, Panhandle.

Looking closely at April, May and June temperature with precipitation, that black bar in the chart should be a flag. That signals a population migration period. When the climate gets incredibly wet and winter gets brutally cold, people migrate because there is not enough food being grown and the basic cost of living increases too rapidly.

So, this is the signal that you should look for in a climate event or sets of climate events beginning to manifest in the 2020’s, because this would signal if people are going to move in great numbers. We might as well be at…

This video was originally published 2/12/2019

I am in a firm agreement with the 500 real scientists saying, “There is no climate emergency.” These scientists have verified credentials compared to the 11,000 scientists, which included Mickey Mouse and some characters from Harry Potter, who said otherwise.

This video was originally published 10/12/2019

Meat price spike in Brazil is blamed on Chinese over-purchase of pork and its trade war with the U.S. Despite of China’s tremendous purchases the country is still not able to acquire enough for its’ citizens. Chinese buyers are now scouring the planet for any kilogram they could possibly get. This massive Chinese pork shortage is the main reason why meat and poultry prices are spiking in Brazil.

This video was originally published 16/11/2019

Global CO2 levels have reached new record values despite all efforts. For the last 30 years, we have been told to stop CO­2, the existential threat, but if you look at all the main sources of CO2 like North America and Europe, why can’t we not talk about Asia, or chastise India?

This video was originally published 16/11/2019

Forecast maps displaying ridiculous below normal temperatures of more than 30°F, this early in the season.

This video was originally published 9/12/2019

Beijing orders all government offices and public companies to replace foreign PCs and software. Now, since Chinese markets are not yet matured enough, they are still relying on foreign PCs and software in their offices. They are going to gouge, at least, $150 billion, per year, out of revenue from U.S tech companies. It has always been like this with China, “Two birds, one stone.”

This video was originally published 6/12/2019

A few days back, I reported a very rare event of two different cyclones spinning in opposite directions in the Indian Ocean equator.

These are close to each that clouds are beginning to be pulled into each other’s storms over the equatorial region. These are, however, spinning in different directions because they are on different sides of the Equator.

This video was originally published 20/11/2019

A record 3rd Arctic blast during Autumn of 2019 shows the shift in jet streams has stretched its influence from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico. Dumping record snow in Midwest grow belts, as well as Canada’s early freezer. A really wet harvest season is expected and since a lot of excess field moisture is present in corn, as well as in wheat, propane is needed in the drying process.

This video was originally published 4/12/2019

Typhoon Kammuri passed over the Philippines and apparently, just before it made a landfall, the cloud tops were the coldest infrared brightness ever documented on our planet, at 164.9°F below zero. A very strange smudge right in the middle of the chart can be noticed, and it looks like a plume coming out.

David DuByne

ADAPT 2030 Channel Creator and Host of Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast covers changes in our climate due to a new intensifying Grand Solar Minimum.

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