Cold Climate Begins as Sun’s Output Weakens, What Will We Eat?

(BELOW) Starting off here with the Starman David Birch, his article detailing the number of sunspots along with it 10.7 centimeter flux, details the trends in decreased solar activity. To read this chart, right in the dead center you’re going to see the sunspot count, and it depends if it’s increasing going into the Solar Maximum or decreasing going into the 11-year Solar Minimum that we’re used to. You’ll notice a bunch of different coded colored boxes in there. I’m focusing on the blue box that is the “maximum” during a Solar Cycle, I put the purple arrow there so you can see where we are 2017 and if you notice 810 that is the lowest anywhere on this chart coming back to 1962 and it is absolutely forecast for that to drop off even lower from this point forward.

With that being said solar activity here we are, University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) global temperature update September 2018, global temperatures have dropped yet again.

We were told it was the warmest year ever, the hottest summer ever, yet the global temperatures dropped all through this record heat summer. Interesting how that is the opposite of what they’re telling you in the news? What the science is telling you with the data?

Taking a look at this chart here in a more numerical value so we can see regions of the planet in 2017 September, compared to 2018 September. You can see more clearly where these global temperature drops are occurring, It’s broken down by global, which is dropped four tenths of a degree, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere. If you go over to the right side the second from the right, you’ll see the Arctic region has dropped the most in this last year. The “experts” told us Arctic temperatures were warming, it’s the all-time hottest Arctic ever, yet the temperatures dropped over the entire year by more than eight tenths of a degree.

Tucker Carlson had Dr. Roy Spencer on his program and since global temperatures are dropping, global warming hysteria has to change narrative, what they now trying to say is the number of hurricanes are caused by CO2.

Going back to 1851 and taking a look at how many hurricanes there have been so far in this decade from 2011 to 2020. I know it’s a year out, but look how low that is, taking us back to 1861 to 1870. The trend line is down since the 1930s and the “global warming is causing more hurricanes” narrative seems to be falling apart at the seams everywhere you look in this battle for the CO2 tax.

Back to the Starman, 10.7-centimeter flux and the energy emitted from our Sun is in a negative trend, suggesting a deep Grand Solar Minimum in the coming decades. As forecast, this is going to result in an overall downward trend in global temperatures, starting in the Northern Hemisphere you are looking for something at least in the coldest in 50 years, possibly up to 60 years this winter 2018 and 2019.

Under Robber Felix’s site “” Calgary most snow this early in the season in 61 years. It’s the snowiest day on record since 1957 but it’s the wettest October 2nd on record, and these records began back in 1884. We’re start to now getting the half century and over a full century records being broken for precipitation and snowfall both with record cold temperatures.

If we take a deeper look into the actual times that these most epic snowfalls happen in Calgary, we have to go 1914 and 1957. It’s one of those two that we’re going to repeat this cycle coming into 2018–2019 winter, looks like it might be on the 100 year cycle 1914, 2018 that’s a century give or take a few years or it would be at the half century mark back in 1957.

This snow is so unprecedented and so rare and so deep it broke their records by five times the previous totals that it made Russian news outlets.

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Here’s a couple images coming off of what the Russian media is covering on how rare and unusual this event is.

Showing you a few snow here, I left the Russian translation up.

Digging through their website also at “METEATB” Russia also experiencing the exact same thing early snow killing thousands of hectares of grain, this is in eastern Siberia squally winds lowered temperatures heavy snow.

When we are talking about crops and food production, the farm business average net cash farm income 2017 compared to 2018, look at the fruitful rim West Coast -22% as well as down in Texas, in Southern California. How about the basin and range -30%, you can check out the Resource Management Survey and what they peg it to is changes in crop rotation & weather, then other location-based production impacts which they don’t list. I was told we were having bumper crops across every region of the United States, now if that’s the case, how are these farm businesses losing money across our country?

Thanks for reading, hope you got something out of the article. You can find the graphs and images in a blog format here

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