Grand Solar Minimum is the Real National Emergency

David DuByne
Apr 17 · 8 min read

The National Emergency in the United States has moved into madness, urging Oregon Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer to introduce a resolution to make Climate Change a National Emergency. In my opinion, this is to get more taxes and to bring the Green Deal proposed by Ocasio Cortez, as they dovetailing nicely.

For me, the real National Emergency which will become a Global Emergency is the Grand Solar Minimum. This phenomenon occurs every 400 years, where our Sun returns to low solar activity, which means decreased global grain yields. This is going to get more intense from this point forward and as global grain yields decline, food prices rise, spending is diverted and the economy takes downturn, and this is what we should be talking about.

The excuse given by the corporate mainstream media for all the record snowfalls and record cold events is because it’s warmer in the Arctic or it’s warmer in the oceans. If that were true, then 1998, which I’ve put an orange box around, should have seen exact same events happening. We should have seen record snowfalls everywhere during that time, but we didn’t. That orange box is where we were several years ago. Now globally we are down at the gray arrow, and as shown, global temperatures are decreasing, compared to the previous peak.

In like manner, NASA released a great image of February snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

If you compare this to the same month in 2018, it gives you a very good indication of how much our atmosphere is shifting in terms of the cloud cells and the jet streams because of the weakening magnetosphere.

Squaw Valley in California has already broken snowfall records and the month still has several days left to it. It was interesting to note that the previous all-time snowfall record just broken was set last February, 2017. What are the chances that in two years in a row, the record is being broken once again?

To think that the snowiest month on record was on January, 2017 in Mammoth Mountain, which is also in California, on the same range, the Sierra Nevada.

This year, Mammoth Mountain snow beats out every resort in the country with 37 feet of snow blizzards that raged here, there and everywhere.

If you look more carefully at the image, you can actually see an automobile under that drift.

There is so much snow up there. In fact, they expect to be skiing through the 4th of July. In the beginning of the Global Warming narrative, we were told our children would never know what snow was, and now we’re getting these record snowfalls.

This is literally record snowfalls! Look at Mammoth Mountain here, for example. Do you still think our children would never know what snow is?

For more information, let’s take a look at the location of Mammoth Mountain on the map. Where Tahoe is, is where the Squaw Valley is. They’re not really too far from each other.

Lake Tahoe is easy enough to spot even by the satellite.

Now try to compare this same map with the snowfall image that was just released by NASA. If I was a betting kind of guy, I would say this area in California is going to get wetter. This is the reason for all those floods occurring on the other side of the range, as well as Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico this year. This area on the planet is going to get wetter, as we enter deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum.

Looking closely at Mammoth Mountain, the trend of the historical snowfall totals has gone up since 1970.

This was also observed at the Rutgers Snow Lab, showing the increasing trend of North American snowfall in 2018. I thought we were supposed to have less snow?

Although, it does look like we’re halfway through the winter, and it does appear that we’re going to eclipse at least last year’s snow totals as well.

I wonder what the global snow totals will be because we saw the exact same thing last year, where there was 700 billion tons more snow. That red line on the map is the trajectory outside the averages and the deviations. This is far above anything that is ever expected for CO2 Global Warming.

And again, we see this pervasive words spread through all these climate headlines: “rare and unprecedented.” This is the type of lexicon being used nowadays, like this one: Farmer snaps a “rare” ghost apple in Michigan orchard.

To explain this phenomenon, if there was still a fruit left on a tree, it will dry up due to wind exposure. Everything at its center would however decompose, leaving only the outer skin. When water drips into it, the outer skin would hold the water in place, while it froze into this shape.

But then magically, all the debris is gone. There’s not even a flake left of what would have been the previous apple skin that was dried. I’m not exactly sure what has caused this, but it is spectacular to look at. If you have any information on this matter, please leave it in the comment section below as I read through all the comments.

Anyway, this is the most apropos image for what the Grand Solar Minimum is going to do to our fruits and our grain crops globally, over the next ten years. What you see in front of you is going to be your frozen harvest in the future.

The Grand solar minimum is truly the real National Emergency that we need to talk about. National discussions regarding this matter is a must.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got something out of the article. If you like more information like this, I produce the tri-weekly Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast, 30 minutes of an in depth analysis on the GSM you can take on the go.

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