Armani Exchange was looking to have a big yet different end-of-the-year party. After going through several proposal plans, we agreed to an end of the year party that would coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar, an event that takes place every 5125 years, instead of the regular December 31st date. We called it: Countdown to a New Beginning.
We chose high-end restaurant Lega and renowned club Axccis as venues and had celebrities, Imalu and Yummy, as the guest DJs.

Being the only event celebrating the end of the Mayan Calendar, it went viral on social media, attracting hundreds…

Looking for an activation that would convey Tinder as a cool, young and social brand, we partnered them with Bungy Japan, Japan’s largest Bungee jumping franchise. The collaboration consisted in running an in-app branded profile which invited users to participate in a contest to win one of several couple’s bungee jump packages.

In addition Bungy Japan allowed Tinder to place banners on all of their sites throughout Japan. Hundreds of users participated giving huge exposure to both brands.

Having just arrived to Japan, apparel brand, Bebe Los Angeles, was looking for an offline event that would expose its brand to its target audience as well as increase visits to its store.

The proposed plan was to produce a cruise party at Jicoo The Floating Bar, Tokyo’s premier cruiser.


In order to motivate Bebe’s direct target customers, guests wearing a Bebe dress would receive a 60% discount off the entrance fee. In addition all attending guests could receive 10% discounts on any purchase at the store.

Tinder was looking to have more presence in Asia so we flew to Korea to throw a Tinder Party in Korea’s largest club, Club GRID. Club GRID, located in Busan, has a capacity of over 3500 making it the largest and one of the most popular clubs in the country.

Hanami, also known as the “cherry blossom festival,” is annual celebration of appreciating the temporal beauty of nature in the spring.

All across the country, people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food, drinks, songs, and companionship. At the same moment, Tinder was seeking more word-of-mouth exposure.

So, knowing that Yoyogi Park has thousands of visitors during hanami season on weekends, we created a hanami event hosted by Tinder.

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Brand localization & experimental marketing in Japan.

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