Protect your online privacy, a pain or a gain?

Every day we use various online services which are apparently free, but what is the real price of freedom? Most of the companies who provide free online services tend to collect and store the maximum amount of user’s personal data. Moreover, your personal data is being exploited and used in various advertising and business model or they even sell it to third-party services, because data is profit.

“Data is always profit”

Online privacy and data protection issues are increasing rapidly, how worried are we about online privacy and on how companies using our personal data? Major concerns related to online privacy and data protection risks are addressed in following areas such as identity theft, data collection by online service, loss of control over personal data, data collection by government, threats to personal safety and many other related issues to add to the bucket list.

A research found by says that a “New disruptive service providers” will emerge to put individuals in complete control of their data to dis-intermediate the data-intensive business from their existing sources of data.

“GreyApp is the new disruptive service provider.”

Reclaim your online privacy and data protection rights with GreyApp. Now you have complete control over every aspect of your personal data and privacy, 16 capabilities and features to protect your privacy anytime anywhere.

GreyApp is designed with a 3-layer data and privacy protection system. With GreyApp data protection sandbox — no data leaks out, with encryption — no one can see and with our built-in GreyNet secure VPN — no one can monitor.

“3-Layer protection system”

With GreyApp you can browse, record, organise, communicate and store in a safe and secure system.

Browse — the web anonymously with our built-in GreyNet secure VPN. Unblock proxies and get access to any content around the world with unlimited bandwidth.

Record — your important data with our built-in camera function, all the data you capture will be safely stored in our DataBank safebox repository.

Organise — your daily activities efficiently with GreyApp integrated calendar, notes and email function.

Communicate — speak privately (IM, voice and video calls, secret chat) with our fully encrypted channels, we cannot read your messages and no one either.

Store — keep all your files secure with built-in encrypted storage.

What are waiting for? It’s time to take complete control over your personal data and online privacy rights. Our service is available from ($3 USD per month) or try our 14-days free trial available. Visit for more information.