How Walter Dean Myers Taught Me to Stop Writing White
Penguin Random House

I love this article and although I understand the stance of no longer writing “white”…. Well he led you to the water of learning how to write your own “truth”. Yes there is a different in how people of color write and convey “perspective”. Our history and journey is different. All can see the writings of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson just to name a few.

NONE are the “Sweet Valley High” but there is a “Bitter sweet” to every piece where that ink spreads itself in the page. It speaks to the soul of a person. That voice can only come through when there is a depthness that shines through…cries through…and yearns to come through. It’s a depthness that’s beyond passion.

I adore Judy Blume and yes she is beyond her “Fudge” book series. When I elevated to “Wifey” there was another side of Judy Blume that I woke up to. She was no longer the children’s writer but an mature mentality that spoke to my ever growing curiosity as puberty set in…and yes I still love her. I still love “Fudge”. Both has it’s place…

Continue to write your “Truth”… Write the “Truth” of others and “Make it Plain”. Those humans are waiting for you. They are waiting and yearning for you to tell the story that only your words can say. The writings that only your thoughts can convey…

White or Black….Write your Truth!!!!

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