With so much going on in society today people are frustrated. Those frustrations stem from many variables from wanting things to get better, desiring things to remain antiqated, or just plain people don’t know and have not clear direction on how to resolve current challenges. Yet we still live in absolute denial yet many still want stay there, many refuse to think about it, many guilt ridden,and the rest are in a catogory all thier own with head in the sand where it’s a safe warm dark place….

For sure… Amercains are fickled.. PEOPLE ARE FICKLED….

America has made it’s place in history as having the Frist Black American President. Although he has made strides for this country regarding gas prices, international realtions with the Cuba, and countless others… We are still not satisifed. The Affordable Healthcare Act all with it’s imperfection is much better than having nothing at all. Far too long has there been Too many people in the emergecy rooms leaving with a bill falling into the hands of the MIGHTY TAXPAYER… But people still complain…It’s not perfect but having something is better than having Nothing…or the entire Bill be dropped in your lap. Now with this new administration … we shall see whats to come. Far be it that the elderly will be cut… some are already eat catfood to afford medicine. Or people having a pre wexisting health problem may or may or be able to obtain healthcare. Hopefully this isnt the America that people have worked so hard to see people thrown aways as castaways.

A man the other day wanted to speak about politics yet clearly he had another Agenda. He screamed about other countries conducting experiments on people and how horrible the country was. Well again we as Americans are in denial of our own atrocities we have committed to include experimenting on people without their consent or just for the sheer sport of it. The Syphillis experiments conducted on black males done by the US isn’t water under the bridge. Or the cells taken from Henrietta Hicks without her consent wasn’t something that should be overlooked. The taking of land from Native Americans and stripping language and permanently dislocating them. Yet he stated that we should forget about slavery and we should get over that. Wow … how can he… that’s what made “America great”. The raping of women and men, breeding them like cattle. Hanging them from trees and using their body parts for earrings ans souvenirs. Yeah I guess I would want to forget that ugly part of American History to. No one seems to mind when we remember the Holocaust. Yet when certain communities remember the path that was forged so we can take part in a legal formation… the issues arry. I guess that was what happened when Beyonce’s Infamous “Formation” Video rocked the Boat. It’s ok when the black community entertains…. But to remember the sheer essence of history OMG … that will set off missiles that maybe the size of Kim Jong … once we all get a clear picture on that one.

Why not use one’s influence to speak of the injustices in the world. That’s how things change. Black Panthers brought a service not a “Burning Cross” into your back yard or “Lynched” your children and set them on fire. ( A great American History America wish could stay buried) but all too many black americans have ties to the former white slave plantation owners. Just take a look are the many colors black americans or if you would prefer African Americans… come on in… hell we have kept the slave master’s last names if we haven’t searched and found the true last names or pretty damn close to it. Using black babies as fish bait. Plantation owners sleeping with their daughters of the rapes slaves. So when the “Handmaid”s Tale” is shown… please America hash ad that already… just a matter of time and hopefully those days won’t return. How many people can handle that one. Hell people can’t go without their cell phones. Not so sure if “Becky” will be able to handle that one because all will be in that boat and it won’t be about color this time… the cast system will start screaming …

How dare he says forget it….

Let’s not forget the comment that he felt poor people are all lazy. Now a few just like anyone else may be… yet many live in an environment of inequality. Let’s take a look at the list…

  • No books in schools.. public schools… you know the ones the tax payers pay into …
  • Sub standard buildings for schools and other educational facilities
  • Brown bananas in the grocery store where one thinks that’s it’s actual color
  • Poor health care in neighborhoods
  • Housing to expensive to afford yet it’s called “tax credit” but only the owners are getting the benefit.
  • Gentrification… whole new article on that one
  • Substandard housing for people
  • Just to make a few

Naw… when one lives a life of that what exposure to a better life will one know to aspire to. Being in a Poor environment does leave some nasty residue although yes one can climb out.

The next topic was the middle class and how it’s shrinking… that’s an agreeable statement… it is yet they still have some Leverage to hang tough a lot longer then people without nothing… well there again he didn’t like that …

Bottom line … we all have lessons to learn and we all must work together and build. Not one group against the other. Name calling time is played out. We are all in the boat. If we don’t pull together it will be as another Titanic. The boat already has cracks… we all need to ask what can we do to stop this crap.

Last but not least he had much to say about our Commander and Chief of how he has switched sides…

We may not like everything out New Administration is doing but let’s face it…as with any President there will be things we will like and things we don’t like. Use your voice … make it plain… call those civil servants who were voted in ans make them earn their pay since son many are riding the system. Hell some of our own elected officials are riding the system. Stop looking at the so called poor. There are many facets to that one. There’s the working poor, the occasional poor and a few labels in between .

Too much work to be done for the name calling …. Finger pointing …. It’s all a “wag the dog” tactic … pay attention …

Climate change is real… homelessness is becoming an epidemic… companies want specific skill sets and if you don’t have it you’re on the chopping block like the days of buying slaves.

Cops are shooting people … they haven’t gotten over their own racial issues let alone cultural competency and other training issues… that’s a plethora of issues there…

Modern day slavery is in the forefront. Itn never stopped it’s just become more polished and less obvious. It’s affecting every race color and creed and it holds no bounds. Cures for simple illness have become a fortune. Treatments are just carrots that are dangled until every dollar is drained from you to keep you alive and then after the last penny is siphoned… they will see what they can go after next. Hummm sounds like the nursing home game with the “spend down”

Plan … shameful … what’s next ….

Wake up the boat is shaking …. Wake the F****k up!!!!

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