Yes Black History Month “STILL” has a purpose and History is loud!

It is a novel idea that all of American history should and would be taught in “all” schools today but since that’s not the case “Black History Month” still has a place. There have been countless contributions Black Americans have made to society. Many americans can barely name the vice president let alone name discuss the history of America.

Many have no clue about “Black Wall Street” and how it was burned to the ground.Residue is still felt to this day. The community was based on the “usual and typical lie” of a black man “saying” or “looking” the “wrong” way at a white woman. I guess women those days weren’t getting enough attention so sending a “death sentence” was something of a sport. No one wants to discuss the Black American areas that were self sustaining. Or the many inventions that were stolen and given pennines on the dollar for the patents when they were allowed to apply. Schools fail to recognize the many affluent black neighborhoods that were uprooted due to so called “eminent domain” thus pushing black americans into ghettos.

The history books don’t want to bring out the horrid pictures of black males and females being “lynched” and “burned” on a tree right before the ears and genitalia were mutilated and cut off to be used as earrings and postcard pictures. White american children watching with parents as the dead bodies of black people were made as spectacles.

No one wants to remind America of Henrietta Hicks and how she was “unknowingly used” as a “lab rat” so all of us could live. Lest we forget all the black males who were untreated for syphillis to see how they would react.

Teachers and schools have taken an easy way out aby not developing themselves to learn American history and take the easy way out and just speak on Martin Luther King… an easy one who was the pacifist. The one who kept the peace. American history doesn’t discuss the Black Panthers who took care of communites and passed out food to all those in need. America wants to forget Josephine Baker who was exiled from the US. Who speaks of Paul Robeson who spoke several languages and made a tremendous contributuon to music composition based on rhythm that’s used today. One must not forget the black women who helped the white men get to Mars. Yes History is LOUD. It can’t and will not stay buried forever. Yet America “still” wants to pigeon hold black america has poor, dumb, and dwontrodden. If one woul dare to take a look one would find more than what they bargained for and how America truly became great.

That’s just a sample of “American History no one wants to talk about”.