How To Be A Successful Ruby On Rails Developer

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Nov 26, 2019 · 4 min read

Ruby on Rails is a well-known platform used by many renowned enterprises like Twitter, Airbnb, Hulu, and others. It is a prospective career option. Although many new platforms have evolved since Ruby, Ruby on Rails developers are still in demand, and you can always have a successful career in it.

Ruby on Rails developer
Ruby on Rails developer

Here’s everything you need to do:

Understand Ruby on Rails: While Ruby is the programming language, Rails is the framework on which it works. To understand it better you need to have some experience working on it.

Understand the MVC Pattern and the Object-Oriented Model: You must also have a clear understanding of the MVC Pattern and the OO Model and their aspects such as classes and modules, inheritance, objects, and so on.

Understand coding in Ruby: Coding in Ruby means coding its different parts such as it’s classes, loops, modules, and so on. You need to be quick and proficient in coding.

Learn Active Record: Active Record has various components such as validation, migration, and so on that are necessary for you to become a Ruby developer.

Learn back-end development: These days, companies tend to hire full-stack developers. Therefore you must be familiar with database engines like SQL, MySQL and PostGreSQL.

Learn GIT and GitHub: You must be proficient in both GIT and GitHub to manage all your codes and other parts of your project.

Use Ruby on Rails: If you are a beginner, is an excellent place to gain some experience. Only when you feel ready you should install the program on your computer. To install Ruby, try RubyInstaller for Windows or ruby-build and rbenv for Linux and Mac OS.

Learn through tutorials and books: You can easily learn Ruby through various online tutorials. You should also check out Ruby Guides. It will tell you everything you need to know about Rails. But if you want to read a book, Programming Ruby is a great choice.

Understand the three levels of a Ruby on Rails developer: A Ruby on Rails developer can be an entry-level, a mid-level or a senior developer. The responsibilities vary depending on the level.

  • Junior developer: A junior Ruby developer create the Ruby environment, manages databases, handles requests, and so on. S/he is proficient in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Mid-level developer: A mid-level Ruby developer is proficient in object orientation and is in charge of design patterns as well as active record associations.
  • Senior Developer: A senior-level Ruby developer is proficient in Ruby Metaprogramming, database modelling, and so on.

Develop soft skills like concentration, creativity and detail orientation: A developer needs to be creatively inclined. It is also vital to have the ability to concentrate for hours because developing websites is quite time-consuming. You must also be careful of the little details. One small mistake can cost you a lot, and you may have to redo your work.

Create your portfolio: Create a portfolio that showcases some of your best works. Here are some tips for creating an outstanding portfolio:

  • Decide on the number of works you want in it: The first thing you need to do is decide on how many of your works you want to put in your portfolio. It is essential to remember that it cannot feature everything that you have done. It will only create a bad impression on your employer.
  • Select your best works: Decide on which of your works you like most. Arrange them accordingly. Your best and most substantial pieces should go first.
  • Create some variety: When arranging your work, try not to put everything of the same kind. If you have some variation in the type of sites your, create always try to portray that.
  • Showcase your uniqueness and creativity: As a developer, it is essential to be unique and creative to have a better edge. Arrange your works in such a way that when employers go through your portfolio, they know how much you are capable of, your strengths and potentials.

Use high-quality images: When adding images to your portfolio, always make sure that they are of high-quality. Low-quality images tend to have a negative impact on employers, and they may not feel like going through your work.

Work for startups: Work for startups and get some work experience. Do not wait for developers to find your profile and hire you. You can always look up job postings and contact the companies. Although not everyone will respond to your mail, you will surely hear from someone.

Make the best out of rejections: Not every enterprise will want to hire you after you apply. But instead of focusing on the rejection, take it as a learning opportunity. Ask the person for some feedback on your work. Ask them what issues you have and what you can improve on.

Explore beyond freelancing: If you are starting as a Ruby on Rails developer, you may want to opt for freelancing. Freelancing will give you some exciting job opportunities and experiences. However, it will take you a long time to become successful in the field. The best thing to do is to look for full-time job opportunities once you have about 2–3 years of experience. Some firms don’t even check your qualifications once your portfolio impresses them. Full-Time employment will give your job security and a higher payment. You can always switch from one firm to another if you do not like your work environment.

You can easily have a successful career as a Ruby on Rails developer. If you have the right amount of determination and are willing to give it your all you can make a lot of money in the field.

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