Tips And Tricks For Becoming A Top Class Web Designer

How do top companies choose their web designers? What is the criteria for becoming a designer for renowned enterprises? Here’s everything you need to know to be a top-class web designer, you need to have more than just design skills and coding skills. These are all the skills and technical knowledge you will ever need:

Web designers for hire
Web designers for hire

Coding Skills: To be a web designer, you must have at least basic coding skills. You must know how to code using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Although you may not have to use these skills to design a site, without knowing them, it will be difficult for you to find a job.

Design Skills: It is inevitable for a designer to have excellent design skills. You can learn these skills from online platforms like EdX, Udemy, Coursera, and so on. You can also sign up for classes at a university that teaches designing. But to be a good designer, you must also know the latest trends in design. To do so, you should read books and articles related to the subject. At the same time, to practice what you learn to begin using some of the best designing tools and software. These include Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, among many others. Try to create your first website on WordPress, Wix or Squarespace that is, on platforms that are suitable for beginners.

UX/UI Design and Graphic Design: Learn UX/UI design and graphic design. UX/UI design primarily aims at understanding the users and developing an interface that satisfies the needs of the users. To understand your users, you have to conduct researches, surveys, and so on. Graphic design, on the other hand, is a different field of designing. Knowledge of this field will surely be an added advantage for you.

Editing Skills: Another crucial skill in a designer is that of editing. You should know how to edit the photos you put on your website for optimal effect. To learn editing skills, you may try Adobe Photoshop. Although it may take some time to learn, it is widely popular and is highly comprehensive as well.

SEO Skills: A qualified web designer must know the techniques of Search Engine Optimisation. It will help you attract a lot of traffic to your site. It also enables you to understand how to optimise your website for multiple platforms. It will ensure that your site has a high ranking and is visible to more people.

Learn about responsive and adaptive design: Responsive design and adaptive design the two most popular designing methods. In the case of responsive design, the content on the screen moves dynamically as the screen size changes. But in adaptive design, the content size remains the same to match standard screen sizes. Both of these styles are essential to making websites that will function across devices without performance errors.

Follow design trends: Following design trends will not only give you fresh ideas for your website, but it will also increase your chances of getting hired by top companies. Awwwards, Dribble and Behance are three of the best platforms for the latest design trends. You can not only learn from these platforms but also post your designs and get reviews.

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Web designers for hire
Web designers for hire

Before you apply for a job as a designer, you must know your roles and responsibilities, which include:

Designing the layout: A web designer has to design the layout of the website. The layout can be simple or sophisticated, but it must not confuse the user.

Creating wireframes and storyboards: It is a crucial part of a designer’s job to create wireframes and storyboards for the website. Wireframes are used to represent the blueprint of a single screen, while storyboard groups multiple wireframes and represents them together.

Creating site maps and user flows: A website needs to define the route a user needs to take to visit different sections. A web designer does this task. S/he creates user flows to determine the paths of the website. S/he also draws out maps that will guide the users to the different sections.

Innovating new ideas: You must be innovative and creative. These soft skills are essential to make an attractive and customer-friendly website.

Executing new designs: You must also be able to execute new designs in your work. You must create unique designs that will inspire other designers.

Updating the site: Creating a website design means it must also be updated regularly according to the design standards. You will have to follow all these standards and collaborate with the team of developers to update the website. Your site must always be thoroughly upgraded.

Promoting the best practices in design: Promoting the current and best standards and practices in web design will give you a better edge as a designer. These practices may be your innovative ones or those that are in trend.

Now to be able to work for a renowned firm, you must first have some work experience. Remember there are hundreds of Web Designers for hire like you with the same competency. How do you stand differentiated from them?

Create a portfolio of your best works: Creating a portfolio of some of your best design works is essential. You can easily present this in an interview. Your employer will know what kind of work you do and if he asks questions about them, you can answer them without hesitation. You should also create a digital copy of your portfolio because a lot of enterprises conduct online interview these days.

Work for startups and small businesses: Start working for startups and companies with low budgets. These places have a much higher chance of hiring you. They will probably pay you less, but you can learn and experience as much as you want. When you have at least a year or two of work experience, you can start looking for jobs at big enterprises, and if they have a vacancy, they are sure to choose you as one of their web designers.

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