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Feb 18 · 4 min read

A web developer means a programmer who develops websites and applications. He or she may be involved partly or entirely in the process of development of the website.

A remote web developer refers to someone who works from a distant location. Such a web developer may be from a different state or a different country and work from a virtual office. A remote web developer works directly under his or her employer, and the employer has full control over the employee.

Front End Developer

A front end developer refers to a developer who specialises in front end, that is, the visible parts of a website. Front end is also known as the “client-side”. Front end languages include HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Back End Developer

A remote web developer may be a back end developer. A backend developer or a “server-side” developer work on the databases and infrastructure of the application or website. Back end languages include PHP, Java, Ruby, Python and so on.

Full Stack Developer

A remote web developer may also work as a full-stack developer. A full-stack developer has both front end and back end skills and can work on systems engineering, servers and databases. He or she is responsible for the entire process of development of the website.

Why Hire A Remote Web Developer?

Flexible timing: Remote web developers often work at non-working hours. It gets the work done even when the office is closed and ensures on-time completion of the project.

Excellent skills: Remote web developers are highly talented and excel in their field. Despite working from a distant location, they are guaranteed to deliver the best quality work possible.

Reduced expenses: There is often a difference in currency while hiring a remote web developer. These web developers work at a low cost and help to reduce company expenses. At the same time, the home country, in most cases, offers the infrastructure required for the project, and this saves infrastructural expenditure as well.

How To Hire A Web Developer?

Look for them in the right place: A crucial thing in the hiring process is looking for developers in the right place. It will ensure that the developer you hire is certified and highly experienced.

Create a target profile: These days, there are different kinds of developers who are proficient in various fields. It is essential to know what type of developer will be suitable for your company. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep in mind the facilities that the developer may require. Sometimes it is essential to offer flexible timing and such other perks to developers when you hire them as remote workers.

Create a screening process: Sometimes, it is crucial to create a screening process to hire the best developer to suit your needs. When several interested applicants with high qualifications apply for a job, it becomes difficult to distinguish and choose someone. This task is made more accessible by a screening process. A screening process may involve a screening test or a set of questionnaires that a candidate has to answer. You select the candidate with the best answers for the position.

Specify all the skills you are looking for: While hiring a developer, it is crucial to specify all the skills you may require a developer to have. Not all developers will have all the skills, and this will help to narrow down the list of candidates. At the same time, it is also essential to specify the soft skills that you need in a developer. Soft skills may include communication skills, time management, teamwork, and so on. Even a remote developer needs to be able to work collaboratively in a team. He or she may have to communicate with the rest of the time to complete the project. An ideal developer should not only have academic achievements and experiences but several soft skills as well.

Look for prior freelancing experience: Remote web developers are likely to have worked as freelancers either as part-time or as full-time developers. You will get an idea about the kind of work he has done and will show his strengths and potentials.

Prepare the right kind of interview: To hire a developer, one of the most crucial aspect is the interview procedure. It is essential to know what kind of questions to ask a developer during the interview. It is also vital to discuss pressing concerns during the meeting. Several enterprises conduct three different interviews. This process allows the employer to take time and decide upon the right candidate. The first interview focuses on the culture and values of the enterprise. If the answers of the candidate is at par with company expectations, he or she can proceed to the next interview. In the last part of the interview, the employer can discuss some crucial points regarding his job-role.

Offer a paid work trial: A paid work trial can determine the best candidate for your company. Asking the candidate to do actual work in a work trial can assess his capabilities and how efficiently he can do a task assigned to him.

It is essential to remember that a remote web developer often does not get to work with have colleagues. He is solely responsible for what he is doing. Always ensure that he will have the motivation to maintain deadlines despite working at odd hours. He must also be self-critical in the absence of a manager around him. Despite working remotely, he must also take the initiative regarding various projects and work on improving the existing projects.

Skills To Look For In A Remote Web Developer:

  1. Experience in coding and markup languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and jQuery.
  2. Basic knowledge of UX design.
  3. SEO skills.
  4. Basics of back end such as serves and APIs.
  5. Caching skills.
  6. Problem-solving abilities.

Hiring the right remote web developer ensures efficient handling of your project. It is essential to making your company stand out; in ensuring that it is innovative and different from all others in the business scenario.

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