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T-shirts are one of the most popular products for print on demand — image source globaleyez.

You don’t need to be involved in e-commerce to know what “print-on-demand” services are. Although they are popular with dropshippers, there are also a number of print-on-demand services that exist to cater to the average consumer. The concept is simple: you create a design online and it gets printed and delivered to you, or you push the design through to a storefront like Shopify and people can buy it. But what are the risks here? If you have a brand with well-known intellectual property like a recognisable logo, you’ll need to ensure you have a robust online monitoring service to ensure that any copy of your designs is highlighted, especially if they are being sold on.

How do people create designs using print-on-demand services?

Most print-on-demand services like Printify will have an online tool that allows the customer to upload their design and then see a preview of it on their chosen garment. Designs in popular image formats like jpg and PNG can easily be uploaded onto things like t-shirts and canvas bags.

What happens after the design stage?

After the design stage there are two options. For a regular consumer, they can have the one product sent out to them with their chosen design. If a print-on-demand service is being used by a dropshipper, they may have multiple designs and push them through to an online storefront like Shopify. Print-on-demand services only deal with fulfillment, so the actual online shop would need to be made on another platform.

What are the steps they put in place to stop counterfeits?

The steps put in place vary from platform to platform, but the majority of them rely on user discretion and anyone seeing their intellectual property being used reporting the user. Although users are banned from the platform if they infringe on someone else’s intellectual property, they would still be able to keep any revenue made before this is discovered.

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