How To Close The Deal With The Top Notch Candidates

While there has been many discussions regarding the interview preparations and other presentation facts on the candidate side, there is a different market intelligence scenario on the other side of the table. The interviewers also undergo the pressure to provide candidates with adequate qualities and choose the right candidate for the job. While it might sound pretty straight forward, the major challenge lies in the fact that one needs to secure quality candidates before competitors land on them. Hence following are the measures that can be used for securing top notch candidates at the first place.

  • The golden rule of thumb for securing best candidates is ABC or “always be closing”. The closing stage should not be kept for the last when one makes an offer. At the first interaction the closure should be emphasized. One needs to understand that after an offer is made there is no option to better the deal. It is the primary weapon towards winning the candidate selection war.
  • The hiring cycle should be shortened. The interviews must be scheduled quickly after job posting or providing the initial job description. In order to assess their work quality, samples can be asked for. This helps in reducing the assessment time. If there are multiple openings, multiple interviews need to be performed in a single day. The more time a candidate has in between the assessment cycle; there is a possibility that they will look out for other options.
  • Being a good listener goes a long way towards creating a great impression and increasing the candidate interest. Proving the opportunity to ask questions and providing positive information that clarifies their general questions regarding the functionality and work culture is a healthy way to build a positive impression.
  • There are many who try to undercut the salary to meet the certain budget constraints. But it is not always a pleasant approach. It is always better to make an offer that is worth the position and the candidate ability.
  • Offer should be made promptly. If there is a requirement today, they it is better to discuss the initials today itself over the phone and then send out the email. Then the interviewer can ask for the response by end of next day so that the whole process is smooth yet within time frame.
  • Interviewer must try to understand if the candidate has other offers at hand by understanding the candidate approach and conversation. It helps in better preparation for making offers.
  • The job description and the functionality should be meaningful to the candidate. The interviewer must make an effort to convey the role specification with proper structure and approach.
  • In addition to queries, the candidates should be treated as potential future employees. A tour of the office, introduction to the manager under whom the functionality is present and such like approaches goes a long way towards sealing the deal.

Lastly, it is better to have a backup plan ready because nothing is for certain. This back measure helps in further recruitment options if the current one does not work out.