It’s Time to Move Global Business Forward

Globality’s debut and the journey to a new era for globalization

By Joel Z. Hyatt, Globality Co-founder and CEO, Jan. 11, 2017

I’m proud to introduce Globality and our mission to make globalization work for more people and businesses around the world. We officially launched today but this isn’t the start for us. During the past two years, our team of 75 has been working hard to solve a problem that has only become more important every single day.

Our solution is a premium business-to-business marketplace that makes entirely new connections possible, giving smaller service providers the opportunity to work with the world’s largest corporations while also exposing large enterprises to a pre-qualified network of smaller, best-in-class service providers — many of whom they would never otherwise discover. You can read more about it here.

Globality’s Co-founder Lior Delgo and I started the company two years ago, knowing that globalization was not working as it should. We understand why people want to reject globalization — they see benefits only flowing to the largest companies and the richest individuals. But the problem is not that globalization exists; the problem is how it functions.

We want to get more people involved in globalization. We want to drive the benefits of globalization deeper into the world’s economies.

To do that, we need more small services businesses benefitting from cross-border trade, and we need to enable more corporations to discover and easily work with small companies. We’ve spoken with hundreds of companies since beginning this journey. They see the potential of what we are doing. They understand the importance of providing a technologically-advanced platform to help them easily and efficiently work with other companies all around the world.

Our investors and Board reflect this belief that we’re working on something meaningful and substantial. We’re honored to have the financial support of former Vice President Al Gore; John Emerson, U.S. ambassador to Germany; Ken Goldman, CFO of Yahoo; Jim A. Johnson, Director of Goldman Sachs; Michael Marks, Founding Partner of Riverwood Capital; David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs; Jeff Sine, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Raine; and Yechiam Yemini, Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. We also have the backing of many other accomplished executives and investors, who are adding so much to our efforts.

Our Board of Directors has been instrumental in terms of strategic assistance: Juliet de Baubigny, Senior Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle; Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy; John R. Joyce, former CFO of IBM; Dennis Nally, Former Global Chairman of PwC; and Mark Vorsatz, Managing Director and CEO of Andersen Tax.

And the team we’ve attracted to this adventure is truly making a reality out of what Lior and I envisioned just about 24 months ago:

  • CTO Ran Harpaz, who has been with us from the start, has built an AI platform with machine learning that is technically sophisticated, secure, scalable and elegant.
  • CMRO Deborah Conrad, formerly CMO at Intel, is building a purposeful brand and scaling demand for revenue growth.
  • SVP Strategic Partnerships Porter Gale, formerly CMO for Virgin America, has also been here since the very beginning, and is establishing our most important partnerships.
  • Chief Product Officer York Poon, formerly of Elance/Upwork and Oracle, is ensuring we have world-class products and user experiences.
  • Chief Financial Officer Russell Burke, who has held positions at PwC, Sony and Magic Leap before joining us, is managing our financial operations.
  • Sales SVP Dan Kline and Growth VP Brad Matthews are valuable additions to the senior team focusing on client and service provider scale, respectively.

Our current verticals are led by a very talented group with deep expertise: The Energy, Environment and Social Impact General Manager is Robert Casamento, who previously served as a founding member of Deloitte Consulting’s U.S. Social Impact practice and its U.K Energy Risk Management and Emissions Trading practice; Legal General Manager Bill Brooks has previously served as CEO of Hyatt Legal Plans; and Marketing General Manager Gabrielle Tenaglia was recently a senior executive with twofifteenmccann and Venables Bell & Partners.

We’re growing rapidly, so please do reach out if you’re interested in becoming part of our team (open positions here). For us, today is not about where we are right now — this is just a single moment in time in a larger, more important journey. We’re looking ahead to where we are going and how we are changing globalization for the better, one new connection at a time.