Is my eye red or black?

The “Blink”

We call this “the blink”. Usually, it is given by an older woman (or man) of African, in my case Ghanaian descent, accompanied by a phrase that upon hearing for the first time makes absolutely no sense, in that moment. For example I have heard “is my eye red or black?” and my personal favorite “by the time I close and open my eye *insert threat here*

Most times the response to the “blink” is a heightened sense of fear since in an African home the mere thought of “fight” (the other natural human response) leads to certain “consequences”

A sense of fear

You see the “blink” has other variations:

Wait until we get home
If you don’t stop embarrassing me you will see what I will do to you
Only Lord knows what you just got yourself into

Needless to say I have been a victim of the blink many times throughout my life. How about you? Share a time when you were a victim of … “THE BLINK”

Peace, love, and Ghana Jollof!

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