COMMENTARY: Ambrose steps aside, for now?

By Scott Thompson, Radio Host AM900

After the Conservatives lost the last federal election to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, the party pledged to find a new, kinder, gentler way of governing.

The Stephen Harper era left Canadians with a perception of being cold, closed and void of anything modern or enjoyable.

While the party was searching for a new leader, Rona Ambrose took the job as interim, at a time when the party was anything but popular.

Ambrose did more than a credible job, to the point where rumours were floating of ways she could run for the leadership, after agreeing not to.

When the P.C. leadership contest started and Kevin O’Leary entered the race, her name fell out of the headlines.

But after his star faded, and the convention to choose a new leader draws closer, many still think she would have been more than a viable candidate.

Instead, today, the interim leader of the opposition and Edmonton MP will announce she is stepping down from her post as their representative, as well as moving aside for a new party leader May 27.

However, if the next election is Trudeau’s, even with just a minority, why bother entering the contest?

Perhaps Ambrose will set her sights on the big prize, two federal elections away, when she knows she has more than a good chance of winning.

Prime Minister Ambrose, anyone?